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KraussMaffei Scholarship Awarded at BUCT
Source: China National Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Date: 2016-05-12

The 2014-2015 KraussMaffei Scholarship Awarding Ceremony has been recently held at the lecture hall of the convention center, Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT). The scholarship, initiated in 2014, is specially for the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, BUCT. The awarding ceremony was attended by heads of the CNCE, the KraussMaffei Group China and BUCT, in addition to over 300 undergraduate and graduate students of the university.   

BUCT is a national key multi-disciplinary university directly under the Ministry of Education, specialized in chemical engineering. It’s one of the key universities of the 211 Project and the 985 Advantageous Discipline Innovation Platform, and also a major source of candidates for ChemChina to recruit. The scholarship is intended to support the growth and development of students in the college and awards 35 outstanding undergraduate and graduate students this year.

At the awarding ceremony, a representative of scholarship winners expressed sincere gratitude toward the company and the university for their support and shared his learning experience and future plan. Assistant to President Song Laixin of BUCT introduced the basic facts of the university, its talent strategy and grand openness strategy, thanked the company for supporting education and student growth, and looked forward to more extensive and in-depth cooperation in talent cultivation and academic research.

CEO Christian Blatt of KraussMaffei Group China and CNCE executives gave an overview of the KraussMaffei Group and an account of the development of CNCE and the chemical & mechanical industry, respectively.

The awarding ceremony is a boost to the cooperation between BUCT and ChemChina. Based on that, the two sides will continue to communicate with each other, build a bridge between students and the company, establish a joint talent cultivation mode and ensure its successful operation.

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