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The Doublewheel Radial Tire Vulcanizer Claims Many Firsts in China
Source: China National Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Date: 2016-02-02

On January 27, at the assembly line of Fujian Sanming Doublewheel Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd., in Jinsha Park, Shaxian, Fujian, technicians were assembling mechanical vulcanizers for export. The company is China’s first maker of tire vulcanizers and capsule vulcanizers. In recent years it has been committed to making indigenous innovation and improving the production process. The Doublewheel radial tire vulcanizer has been developed solely with home-grown technologies and created many “firsts” in China, representing the advanced level of tire vulcanizers making in China. It's exported to Southeast Asia and Belarus in bulk. Last year, the company registered a business revenue of RMB 541 million, up by 7.18% from the previous year.

Reporter: Lin Hui; Correspondent: Xiao Shouzhou; Photo by: Liu Jingyun


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