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Sino-Rubber gets funding support
Source: CCIN Date: 2011-08-12

The Sino-Rubber Machinery Co, Ltd was recently given 1 million yuan from an SME development fund for local industries, from the central finance office, according to the Sanming Municipal Finance Bureau. The funds will be used to commercialize the company's inside-pressured locking ring twin-pole hydraulic tire vulcanizing machine.

It has been reported that the Sino-Rubber Machinery Co, Ltd, which specializes in producing high-level radial tire vulcanizing machines, has a more than 40-percent share of the domestic market. The company's inside-pressured, locking ring, twin-pole hydraulic tire vulcanizing machine is the first of its kind in the world and has been used by Japan's Bridgestone tire company, and had a good response, with all technical indicators for performance of the machine meeting Bridgestone's contract specifications. The SME development fund for local industries, from central finance office this time will help the development of the company's intelligent radial tire vulcanizing machine project.

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