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The Importance of Intelligent Manufacturing to ERP

hinese manufacturers have experienced the revolutionary OA for cooperative office, the “Leap-forward” period of ERP application, the BI year of madness about commercial intelligence software, and the period of wandering between BPM and OA, and the necessity of ERP has been frequently mentioned.

The fundamental role of ERP in IT application in enterprises has not been changed. The main targets of ERP management are various resources of enterprises, involving fund flow, material flow and information flow, and all resources are managed in an all-around and integrated way. ERP theories and systems are evolved from MRPII, inheriting the basic idea of MRPII and expanding its scope, thereby managing corporate resources more flexibly.

In a sense, ERP represents, more importantly, a theory and idea of management, rather than pure software. ERP spans the entire supply chain and is the essence of the idea of supply chain management. ERP is absolutely necessary since it is on the principle of promoting corporate development on the basis of customer needs, establishes a digital nervous system of corporate management, keeps improving and making innovations.

In another perspective, ERP is different from individual business information systems, the interdepartmental boundaries need to be broken, and cross-organizational synergy needs to be achieved, thereby realizing full coverage of the whole business process. Practice has proved that independent information system applications need to be supported by basic data, which are derived mainly from ERP, or need to be processed in ERP in an integrated way. Therefore, enterprises need to give full play to the utility of these distributed systems and link the “silos” together. In nature, ERP has such a function. For manufacturers, the fundamental role of ERP, which is designed to solve the problems of IT application for management, has not yet changed.

As emergence of such technologies as big data, cloud computing, mobile application, and social network, ERP software also keeps innovating and expanding at a technical level, playing an increasingly important role in ERP. The constant innovations of and consistent demands for ERP software also ensure persistent growth of the ERP market, proving that ERP is still needed by enterprises.

On the whole, no matter what reform “Made in China” is experiencing, the questions such as “whether ERP is outmoded” and “whether ERP is still needed” are pseudo-propositions.

ERP is not only a type of software, but more importantly, an idea and thought of management, requiring enterprises to keep deepening their understanding in it and put it into practice. ERP software embodies the ERP management thought, are the basis of IT application for corporate management from different perspectives including needs. Therefore, we need to make good use of ERP so as to assist enterprises raising their management level.

Today, as we are striding toward large-scale customized production, ERP has already got rid of the simple process ranging from purchase, sale, stock, production to finance, and it needs to connect the consumer Internet and the industrial internet, production operation and workshop management, and pure product application and IoT. This is also the original purpose that DIGIWIN works with SI-integrated vendors including ADVANTECH and Schneider to build the ecosphere of intelligent manufacturing.

Therefore, no matter in what stage the technological revolution is in and what challenge the industry is faced with, ERP, as the core of enterprise, will not change.


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