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China-Germany Cooperation in Smart Manufacturing Strongly Promoted

Located in Shenyang, an old industrial base of China, China Industrial Museum has recently put on display a new exhibit – a demo production line of a smart factory. With wireless connection to the Internet and smart control functions, it shows to visitors how a factory manufactures custom-made products. Without any manual operation, robots worked in good coordination and assemble a model car within just a couple of minutes.

This demo production line is the result of cooperative research of Chinese Academy of Sciences and SAP of Germany, and a preliminary smart manufacturing solution that combines Made in China 2025 and Industry 4.0.

Currently, focused on smart manufacturing, research institutes and various companies in China and Germany are carrying out cooperation projects in a variety of aspects. Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has built long-term partnership with DKE to promote the formulation of standards for industrial Internet of things and smart factories. This partnership has produced two international standards so far, for industrial process automation and wireless network. One of them was accepted by the European Union last year.

Neusoft and Wafangdian Bearing Group, two major enterprises in an old industrial base in northeastern China, also partnered up with ISG and KRW of Germany in the fields of electronics and information, advanced equipment manufacturing, etc. to promote their overall technological level and influence on overseas markets. A Siemens digital factory demonstration center for Industry 4.0 is also under construction in Liaoning Province.

To facilitate manufacturing cooperation between China and Germany, German institutions of innovation and technical services are now reaching out to China with a quickened pace. Staufen, Siemens and other German companies also cooperated with Chinese peers and has provided management training and industrial upgrade consulting services to nearly 100 enterprises in Liaoning since last year.

The Sino-German Equipment Park, a strategic platform for cooperation between the two countries on advanced equipment manufacturing, has been fully launched in Shenyang with over 30 German companies, including BMW, settle down it. Auto companies clustered here with a total investment of EUR4.2 billion.

(Source: Shenyang Daily)

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