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8 national industrial goals for 2012

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China explained the general requirements for work in 2012, which are: to promote scientific development; monitor economic operations, ensure production and expand into international and domestic markets; emphasize technical reforms, make technological innovations and quality brand development; boost corporate mergers, eliminate inefficiency, promote energy conservation and reduce carbon emissions; improve development for small- and medium-sized enterprises; achieve informationization and industrialization;  stabilize economic growth and promote industrial transformation.

Industrial development could achieve the following goals: added value of large-scale industries to increase by approximately 11 percent; energy consumption of industrial added value per unit and carbon dioxide emissions to decrease by 5 percent or more; and water consumption of industrial added value per unit to drop 7 percent.

      The Ministry announced eight major tasks for 2012: to maintain rapid and steady industrial and economic development; promote optimization and upgrading of traditional industries; develop emerging industries; push forward on industrial energy conservation and emissions reductions; improve development of small- and medium-sized enterprises; boost scientific research and production in the national defense that features civilian and military integration; accelerate telecommunications development; promote informationization and to safeguard network information security.

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