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MIIT looks at responsibility in the industrial sector

The recent 2011 China "Responsible Care" Conference reported that, during the "12th Five-Year" Plan, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) will look for ways to raise the level of responsibility in the industrial sector, especially in petrochemicals, through a joint government, enterprise, and organization effort.

One of the first steps is to enlarge the scope of the effort. Under the "12th Five-Year" Plan, the ministry will introduce the "responsible care" concept, not just to petrochemicals, but other industries, such as nonferrous metals, iron and steel, leather, and paper making and encourage the big energy consumers and heavy polluters to be more active in formulating a strategy for more responsible care of the environment and society as important representatives of the industry's and enterprise's developmental transformation.

A second area is policy support. Under the "12th Five-Year" Plan, while creating new State-level industrial demonstration bases and energy-conserving, environmentally friendly companies, the MIIT will give priority to companies that are responsible in technical reforms and environmental improvement. In addition, it will set up a credit mechanism that helps companies become more responsible to create a more favorable environment for the "responsible care" concept".

A third area involves the role of intermediaries. The MIIT will rely more on intermediaries and industry associations to promote responsibility and will look for more help from associations and other organizations to increase domestic and foreign exchanges and cooperation, provide better examples, provide more training, and get industries and companies to be more conscious of responsibility as a developmental strategy, both for internal development and self-discipline.

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