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YRPM and GRM Showcase Products and Technical Solutions at RubberTech China 2020
Source: 装备总公司 Date: 2020-09-21

From September 16 to 18, 2020, the 20th International Exhibition on Rubber Technology (RubberTech China 2020) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, representing China’s first large offline international exhibition for the rubber industry amid the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic. Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery (YRPM) and Guilin Rubber Machinery (GRM), subsidiaries of China National Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd., showcased their key products and technical solutions at the exhibition. They held discussions with their customers and shared ideas with their peers to empower the new development of the industry.

Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery: Displaying a variety of leading products

At the exhibition, YRPM displayed its leading products such as internal mixer, tire vulcanizer, twin-screw extruder, and curing press to customers from rubber and tire enterprises.

Since the beginning of 2020, YRPM has been proactively engaged in online product sales in a bid to overcome the impact of the epidemic. Participation in this exhibition means an important move to expand the offline market after the epidemic was put under the effective control. YRPM took this opportunity to broaden its vision, open the way of thinking, learn advanced knowledge and conduct exchanges and cooperation. It made full use of this exhibition to communicate and talk with visiting customers and dealers to further expand its visibility and influence in the industries of rubber tire and products, as well as to have a deeper understanding of the product characteristics of advanced enterprises in the same industry, so as to better improve its own product structure and give full play to its strengths.

At the exhibition site, Yao Hongjian, Party Secretary, Chairman and General Manager of YRPM, personally led the team, with the technical and sales personnel working closely together to show the company’s leading products to every customer. Among them, the green, eco-friendly, energy-saving tandem internal mixer can enhance production efficiency, save space for equipment installation, and reduce rubber-mixing labor. Compared with the traditional mixing process, the production efficiency can be increased by over 80%, with 20%-50% of energy conserved and 50% of production area cut. The detailed explanation attracted a host of customers to observe.

Guilin Rubber Machinery: Showcasing eight tire production solutions

Zhang Hongbo, Party Secretary and General Manager of Guilin Rubber Machinery, led a team to attend the exhibition. At the exhibition, GRM, in addition to promoting its main advantageous products, also focused on displaying tire output solutions, new guide-pillar-type hydraulic tire vulcanizer, extruder, tread-sidewall extrusion production line, giant engineering radial tire forming machine and other innovative products, with the aim of developing together with its customers and sharing ideas with its peers to empower the new development of the industry.

According to GRM’s members, the epidemic forced GRM to quickly change its marketing ideas and constantly upgrade its sales model to provide not only products and services, but also overall solutions for tire production. GRM highlighted eight tire production solutions at the RubberTech China 2020, covering most of tire production links. GRM innovatively put forward the “hydraulic dual-mode engineering tire curing solution,” which adopts double guide-pillar-type hydraulic tire vulcanizer. It saves over 20% of space and shortens the curing auxiliary time by 25%; left and right molds are completely independent, so that single or dual molds can cure different sizes of tires; and the crossrail elevation is guided by double pillars, making the lifting more stable and reliable and the repetition accuracy higher. In addition, the new structure and layout are more energy-efficient, eco-friendly, high-efficiency, and low-noise, with operation and maintenance made easier.

As a representative enterprise of the domestic rubber machinery industry, GRM saw a steady stream of customers and suppliers at its booth. A number of customers, including Michelin, Zhongce Rubber, Guizhou Tyre, Aeolus Tyre, Double Coin Holdings, and Vanlead Group, came to consult one after another and had warm on-site exchanges with GRM’s members.

According to Chen Weifang, Secretary-General of the Rubber Machinery Committee, the current situation at home and beyond is both a challenge and an opportunity. GRM has confidence in the future by basing itself on the market, increasing efforts to make more innovations, promoting digital processing equipment, comprehensively enhancing product quality and creating better equipment for customers.

At RubberTech China 2020, GRM also had in-depth discussions with its rubber machinery counterparts on the hot issues, development trends and innovative solutions of the rubber industry.

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