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Visit to Technology Center of KraussMaffei’s Jiaxing Factory
Source: China National Chemical Corpor Date: 2020-07-31

KraussMaffei’s new integrated plant in Jiaxing was inaugurated in June 2020. It is a comprehensive functional headquarters for R&D, engineering design, equipment manufacturing and supply chain management, in addition to KraussMaffei’s Germany-based one.

The most notable highlight of the new plant is the new technology center, which combines testing, R&D, and training. Let's go into the center today and experience its true strength, both hard and soft!

At the Technology Center of KraussMaffei China in the Jiaxing Integrated Factory

Strong hard power

The technical center is tremendous in its overall strength, with leading hardware facilities. The injection molding technology center covers an area of 1,200 square meters, while the extrusion and reaction molding technology center 1,600 square meters.

One corner of the Injection Moulding Technology Center

During the opening, the center showcases KraussMaffei’s main injection, extrusion and reaction molding equipment, in particular the PXA all-electric injection molding machine, the ZE Gold Power twin-screw extruder and the iPul Pultrusion System solution to be rolled out, which have been developed, designed and manufactured in China. These devices and solutions garnered widespread praise and attention from the industry during the open house event of the grand opening ceremony.

At the technical center site of Jiaxing Factory on the open day of June 18

In the injection molding technology center’s trial molds and training areas, there are various types of injection molding machines with associated auxiliary facilities and robots to provide customers with trial molds and varieties of training sessions. ColorForm intra-membrane molding, Mucell physical foam, FiberForm thermoplastic lightweight reinforcement technology, LSR silicone injection molding, MIM metal powder injection molding and many other technologies and applications are all displayed there.

In the new product testing area, the new series of test machines are ready for you to showcase the performance and durability of new products.

One corner of the Extrusion Technology Center

The Extrusion Technology Center is equally strong, uniting top-tier equipment suppliers to drive your business forward.

In terms of pelletizing, the center is now equipped with a set of ZE52GP domestic assembly line and a set of ZE42BP imported line to provide customers around the world with customized single twin-screw co-extrusion machines and complete-line technical solutions.

With regard to pipelines and profiles, a PERT-II pipe production line was assembled to demonstrate a set of high-quality PERT-II pipe technology solutions for the heating market.


Professional soft power

The Technology Center has been staffed with professional and technical personnel such as process, testing and maintenance engineers with great application strength and rich industry experiences, embodying KraussMaffei’s pioneering craftsmanship and core soft power in leading specialized technologies.

Also, the technical center also assists customers in enhancing their soft power and constantly develops and tests new applications and technologies to meet the ever-changing market demand, providing strong support for you to stand out in the fiercely competitive market!

The brand-new center serves as a world-class demonstration one, laboratory, and training base. It has been designed for the R&D of new technologies and for applied engineering technologies and facilities. It combines 180-odd years of German leading technologies with the local innovation-driven capabilities that have been built up for the rapid development of Chinese market.

The center under KraussMaffei has responded quickly to changing market needs, assisted customers in developing new products and applications, and collaborated with you to make innovations for a win-win future.

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