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CNCE Holds 2020 Working Conference
Source: ChemChina Date: 2020-01-17

On January 16, China National Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. (CNCE) held its working conference in Beijing. The conference, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, focused on the in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and its Second, Third and Fourth Plenary Sessions and the Central Economic Work Conference, the full implementation of the work arrangements of the Central Enterprise Leaders' Meeting and ChemChina’s Work Conference, the summary of the CNCE’s work in 2019, the analysis of the situation, and the study and deployment of key work in 2020, so as to better bolster the high-quality development of enterprises.

Kang Jianzhong, Deputy Party Secretary and Deputy General Manager of the CNCE, delivered the 2020 Working Report of the CNCE. In 2019, all enterprises under the CNCE, facing the tough market situation, rose to the difficulties, took the Party building as the guide, implemented the concept of “science is sovereign,” implemented the “ten major action plans,” and comprehensively benchmarked and coordinated in depth. They mainly carried out eight key tasks, including focusing on the HSE construction and implementing on-site 5S management; promoting strategic transition and transforming new and old drivers of growth; benchmarking the industry and promoting the team-based learning; reforming the system and institution to reduce burden and strengthen foundation; focusing on cost reduction to improve quality and increase efficiency; building up internal control to ensure operational compliance; standardizing the management of officials and optimizing personnel structure; and strengthening the Party building and leading high-quality development.

He pointed out that, in 2020, according to the strategic positioning and work requirements set by ChemChina for the CNCE, the CNCE will highlight the leading role of the budget, strictly control the debt ratio, vigorously reduce the receivables and inventory, continue to improve the operation quality and promote the science-based development of the enterprise, so as to carry out eight major tasks: laying more emphasis on HSE responsibility and strengthening performance evaluation; following the principle of “science is sovereign” and optimizing the development mode; laying a solid foundation for benchmarking, and deepening business collaboration; formulating the 14th Five-Year Plan to accelerate the cultivation of new drivers of growth; continuing to streamline administration and downsize, and focusing on improving quality and increasing efficiency; pay equal attention to audit and compliance to ensure reform and development; improving the management of officials and optimizing the personnel structure; and strengthening the Party building and carrying out inspection and rectification.

Jin Gong, Party Secretary and Chairman of the CNCE, delivered an important speech titled “Innovation, Synergy, Benchmark and Breakthrough, High-quality Development in the Spirit of Self-revolution.” He analyzed the international and domestic economic situation and the market environment of the main business of the CNCE, presenting that all staff members need to remain committed to the underlying principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability, put into practice the new development philosophy, comprehensively deepen the HSE management, focus on the endogenous growth of the main business, and optimize the allocation of resources, so as to boost the high-quality development of the CNCE by following the practice of benchmark, innovation, synergy and breakthrough.

He stressed that efforts should be made to focus on four major things in 2020. First, all enterprises need to further promote comprehensive benchmarking so as to mark targets, find gaps, ensure implementation and set assessments; second, they need to speed up the innovation strategy, focusing on technology, business model, and new system and mechanism; third, efforts should be made to vigorously boost coordinated development and promote the coordination between the CNCE and its enterprises as well as internal coordination between enterprises; fourth, all enterprises must strengthen the leadership of the Party in an all-round way, focus on the Party building, and make every effort to overcome difficulties.

In sharing the experience of enterprise management, Sun Zhongxin, Party Secretary, Chairman and General Manager of Tianhua Institute, introduced Tianhua Institute’s practice of the concept of “science is sovereign” and its active development of technological innovation to bolster its green development. Yu Zhaohui, Assistant to General Manager of Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery, shared Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery’s experience in changing from awaiting favorable conditions to gaining the initiative in the competition and proactively exploring overseas markets to compete for their orders. Zhao Peng, Party Secretary, Executive Director and General Manager of Xi'an Lishan, focused on sharing Xi'an Lishan's experience in implementing the business multiplication plan, promoting the benchmarking management and expanding the automotive aftermarket. Based on the key work of market expansion and order acquisition, the meeting also specially invited Zhao Yu, Deputy General Manager of Asia Pacific Sales of Danaher Corporation, to introduce the model, process, principles, application methods and examples of the sales funnel management tool to attendees.

Participants at the meeting also held in-depth group discussions on the reports of the two-level working meetings. On the topics of “reform and innovation,” “transformation and development,” “science is sovereign”, “safety management,” “quality and efficiency improvement,” “market expansion,” “streamlining and building the enterprise,” and “cost reduction,” attendees spoke out freely and made suggestions, saying that they would organize and arrange their tasks under the guidance of the 2020 work plans of ChemChina and the CNCE.

A total of 69 people attended the meeting, including members of the CNCE’s leadership team, all the staff of the CNCE’s headquarters, main leaders of all directly-affiliated enterprises and joint ventures, and staff representatives.

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