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China National Chemical Equipment Corporation''s Four Brands Appear at 2019 RubberTech
Bringing about green intelligent rubber technology solutions
Source: ChemChina Date: 2019-09-23

Four subsidiaries of China National Chemical Equipment Corporation, i.e. KraussMaffei, Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery (YRPM), Guilin Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. (GRM) and Fujian Tianhua Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (Fujian Tianhua, formerly Sino-Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd.), attended the RubberTech 2019 held from September 18 to 20, 2019 with four rubber technical equipment brands, to present and promote green intelligent products and technical solutions to the market with a unified image, and learn about key application demands of customers and hotspots of industrial development.

The KraussMaffei Berstorff brand, which was used for extrusion technology before, was integrated in KraussMaffei this July. KraussMaffei appeared at the fair with its extrusion technology in a wholly new image. With cutting-edge, highly value-added extrusion technology, KraussMaffei can provide powerful, reliable and value-for-money equipment and system solutions to its customers, and bring better performance and technological value. According to the introduction, KraussMaffei's rubber extrusion equipment feature low maintenance and high reliability because of it low-abrasion screws and barrels as well as excellent components and materials. Its extrusion and calendering production line has the shortest start-up preparation time and boasts perfect product quality and incomparable production efficiency in terms of rubber sheet production. Its complex extrusion head adopts systematic extrusion die operation, with multiple functions and high efficiency.

YRPM, GRM and Fujian Tianhua continued to bring mature rubber curing and internal mixing technical solutions to customers. YRPM has leading tandem internal mixer technology in the industry. Its one-stage intelligent rubber mixing system with tandem internal mixers as core equipment can complete the master batch mixing and final mixing in one go, thus helping customers save investment cost significantly, increase production capacity and reduce energy consumption and pollution. After more than three years of promotion and application, YRPM has been recognized by a great number of customers in the area of rubber products.

Apart from showing its environment-friendly mechanical and hydraulic curing technology, GRM also brought its all-steel giant radial tire manufacturing technology which had been included in the national supporting projects. The all-steel giant industrial tire building equipment adopts the two-stage method, new turn up and down assemblies and other new technologies. All-steel radial OTR tire curing presses include two types: mechanical type and hydraulic type. Fujian Tianhua enjoys a long history and rich experience in OTR tire curing technology and all-steel radial tire hydraulic curing technology. It has taken the lead in introducing the new energy-saving center mechanism in OTR tire curing presses, which has shortened the time of curing while significantly reducing energy consumption, and helped customers save production cost. Fujian Tianhua has achieved the maximum annual output of 20,000 all-steel radial tires for a single all-steel radial tire curing press.

Held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, this fair has integrated rubber machinery equipment, rubber chemicals, rubber raw materials, tires and non-tire rubber products, and brought together more than 700 exhibitors from nearly 30 countries and regions in the whole industry chain.

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