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KraussMaffei and Tianhua Institute Introduce New Products at CHINAPLAS 2019
Source: ChemChina Date: 2019-05-27

During May 21-24, the 33rd International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries (CHINAPLAS 2019) was held at China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou. KraussMaffei and Tianhua Institute, subsidiaries of CNCE, exhibited their new products including all-electric PX series injection molding machine and BOPX bi-directional stretch film twin screw extruder and SLH double-shaft continuous reactor, respectively, showing their leading product and technical plans and communicating with customers for cooperation.

As a global leader in injection molding, KraussMaffei officially introduced at CHINAPLAS 2019 its China-made all-new PX series all-electric injection molding machine to the global market. The series is manufactured at the Sanming base in accordance with the global quality standard of KraussMaffei. By relying on its hallmarks of German manufacturing, the series complies with the highest quality standard, features high stability and precision, short cycle and high flexibility, and is applicable to components, electronic and electric equipment, automobile, packaging and medical industries. The injection molding machine has attracted much attention from Chinese customers once it was introduced, and won orders. At the exhibition, KraussMaffei issued a certificate to the first customer signing the contract for buying the PX series all-electric injection molding machine.

The machine is manufactured in China by KraussMaffei, which has a convenient inventory system enabling KraussMaffei to provide Chinese customers with spot goods of standard model and models with other options within 4-6 weeks. Meanwhile, KraussMaffei’s local team is capable of offering services including quick supply of spare parts, training and maintenance planning. The series has several options for renovation or upgrading for quickly and flexibly respond to the changing demands of the Chinese market. Apart from the high-performance products, the flexible sales models of KraussMaffei for free trial and leasing also attracted much attention from customers at the site. 

Both the PX80 and PX160 injection molding machines on show at Chinaplas were equipped with the new LRX Agile series linear manipulator, which is also produced at the KraussMaffei plant in Sanming. In addition, KraussMaffei’s e-store went live. Built on the leading e-commerce platform of ChemChina, the e-store has been improved in accordance with the characteristics of customers’ demands for rubber & plastic equipment, product and solution. At the e-store, customers may find equipments that are suitable for themselves according to the information on finished product, molds and machine, etc., and tailor special solutions. In the future, the e-store may allow customers to complete the payment and purchase process by pressing a button.

At the booth of Tianhua Institute, the new-type BOPX bi-directional stretch film twin screw extruder and SLH double-shaft continuous reactor attracted much attention from the visitors. As one of China’s designers and manufacturers of plastic mixing extrusion granulation (molding) unit with the strongest capability of research and development, Tianhua Institute has been tracking latest technologies at home and abroad for independent innovation and R&D and has developed the capabilities for designing and manufacturing of complete 1-10t/h twin screw extruder.

Tianhua Institute’s BOPX bi-directional stretch film twin screw extruder is mainly used for BOPP, BOPET, BOPS and BOPA bi-directional stretch film production lines, particularly applicable to the vehicle battery industry. The equipment may significantly increase product performance, reduce the energy consumption of production line and enhance production efficiency. Meanwhile, Tianhua Institute has made breakthroughs in recovering dry BOPET off-cut in raw materials without crystallization, further increased the utilization ratio of raw materials, reduced the costs of BOPET production and realized closed-loop control of the whole process ranging from raw materials to finished film products and off-cut recovery. So far, the technology of Tianhua Institute has been localized on the whole, changing the situation of entire dependence on import. At present, the equipment has run for over 50,000 hours. 

The double-shaft continuous reactor Tianhua Institute displayed is a type of new high-polymer material mixing reactor. It has the functions of material mixing, stirring, reaction and dissolution by using two intermeshed rotors. The reactor has advantages of other rectors, for example, it allows for continuous operation, has certain self-cleaning capacity and relatively long reaction time and is suitable for processing materials with high and changing viscosity. At present, the rector has been applied in such fields as chemical synthesis (polyformaldehyde, aramid fiber and melamine resin, etc.), removal and recovery (formaldehyde, methylbenzene, DPM and TDI, etc), food, medicine and coating, etc.

The CHINAPLAS 2019 hosted over 3,500 exhibitors from all over the world. At the venue that has an area of more than 25 square meters, the exhibition has provided over 180,000 professional spectators in 150 countries and regions with a feast of innovation, demonstrating innovative technologies and solutions in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, high and new materials, environmental protection and recycling, etc.

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