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Sanming Doublewheel Chemical Machinery Celebrates its 60th Anniversary
Source: ChemChina Date: 2018-11-13

On November 9, 2018, Sanming Doublewheel Chemical Machinery (SDCM), one of ChemChina’s subsidiaries, celebrated its 60th birthday. At the celebration site, the new KraussMaffei all-electric injection molding machine and new linear manipulator jointly developed by the SDCM and KraussMaffei teams were officially unveiled.

German Gene

New expectations for injection molding machine and linear manipulators

With the advent of Industry 4.0, traditional manufacturing is transforming itself into an intelligent one, and the injection molding machine market has seen more demand for energy-efficient automation equipment. KraussMaffei Group released the PX series of all-electric injection molding machine at Germany’s K Show in 2016, supplementing key product lines of medical care, pharmaceuticals, construction, automobile, electronic and electrical appliances, and packaging industries, and flexible meeting the needs of different sectors. Over the past two years, KraussMaffei Group has received positive feedback and high praise from customers all over the world.

The new-model injection molding machine produced in SDCM was developed by KraussMaffei based on PX series products. It was developed and manufactured by China’s design and research team with the support of KraussMaffei’s global team of engineers according to strict German standards. The model has inherited German genes. It has been designed and developed to be suitable for the Chinese market, which can help customers maximize sustained full-automatic production.

On the same day, KraussMaffei also released the LRX CN Surui series of linear manipulators at the event site. As the first localized manipulator of KraussMaffei Group, the Surui series of the machine are equipped with the Easy Control control system and has always been of superb quality. The guided programming interface specially developed for the injection molding field not only enables operators to grasp the use method quickly but also effectively guides them to improve their technical level.

In the future, LRX CN Surui Series will also be produced as a supporting linear manipulator for a new-type motor in SDCM. The two new products will debut at Chinaplas, an exhibition held in May 2019.

Craftsmanship and Ingenuity  

60-year-old enterprise will set out again after its transformation and upgrading

SDCM, established in 1958, has always been guided by science and technology and innovation-driven market. It has a fine tradition of manufacturing rubber machinery and chemical equipment. Its leading product “Doublewheel” brand radial tire vulcanizer has more than 60 patented technologies, setting 30-plus records in China. SDCM has produced nearly 10,000 rubber and plastic machinery products for over 60 years, representing the leading level of tire vulcanizer manufacturing in China.

In January 2000, General Secretary Xi Jinping (the then governor of Fujian Province) visited SDCM to encourage the company to establish and improve the modern enterprise system, strengthen scientific and technological innovation and build itself into a large enterprise. In 2016, under the guidance of ChemChina’s overall strategy, SDCM started its business integration with KraussMaffei, taking the second move in adjusting the product structure, improving the company’s management efficiency, and transforming and upgrading itself in the new era.

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