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KraussMaffei Group Leads the Industry with Innovative Technology for 180 Years
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Source: ChemChina Date: 2018-05-07

It has been 180 years since the establishment of KraussMaffei Group. From the industry era to the digital age, KraussMaffei Group upholds the spirit of pioneering and innovation and has developed into the leader of the rubber and plastics machinery industry. Now, with the strategy of digital services, it is working on "Plastics 4.0" to create more comprehensive solutions for users.

The exhibition stand of KraussMaffei Group at Chinaplas 2018

At the just-concluded Chinaplas 2018, KraussMaffei Group demonstrated its leading products and technologies through live demonstration, user promotions, and technology exchanges, etc.



Three Brands Provide High-standard Products and Technologies

KraussMaffei Group's products and services mainly involve injection molding, reaction foaming and extrusion, and it owns three well-known brands - KraussMaffei, Nestal, and KraussMaffei Berstorff, providing leading technology and product solutions for automotive, packaging, construction, medical care, electrical and electronic appliances, and household products.

Many daily necessities around us such as milk bottles, drinking water pipelines, car dashboards, car lamp shades, medical utensils, plastic caps, computer casings, and refrigerator interiors may be produced by KraussMaffei.

Many daily necessities around us are produced by KraussMaffei

At the exhibition, KraussMaffei Group exhibited several flagship machinery equipments and demonstrated the actual production process on the spot, allowing visitors to see the features and advantages of the equipments and technologies at close range. These equipments and system solutions can either be customized flexibly, or quickly and accurately developed to help customers continuously improve the product quality, increase the production efficiency and save costs in combination with automated production technology.

Among them, the GX series is an injection molding machine solution created by KraussMaffei for customers. It is characterized by precision, speediness, modularity, user friendliness and long service life. It is considered to be the fastest hydraulic dual-template injection molding machine in Asia with extremely short dry cycle time. This series is not only suitable for large projects with very short cycle time, but also for application situations with very high technical requirements, such as the production of automotive lightweight components.

GX 650-3400 injection molding machine produces automotive radiator grilles on the site

At the exhibition, a GX 650-4300 injection molding machine demonstrated the production process of automotive radiator grille. Within about 49 seconds, from injection molding to paint plating, a high-quality lightweight component was produced through seamless processes.

On the stand, the compact and fully automated PX160-540 with the brand-new linear manipulator LRX100 was also eye-catching. It combines a self-optimizing control system with a linear automated device, which requires little space but is of high efficiency. Besides, the fully automated production process of Flip-Top on the site was impressive.

KraussMaffei's full-automatic PX series

The PET milk bottles on the stand demonstrated the professional strength of Nestal equipment. Produced by injection molding, this patented double-barrier preform has significant advantages: The raw material price is 30% cheaper than HDPE, and the weight is reduced by 20% to 30%, which is more environmentally friendly.

Nestal's milk bottles with new packaging

In terms of extrusion technology, KraussMaffei Berstorff is dedicated to smart solutions for fibrous composite technology and polymer pipe manufacturing. The extrusion scheme for PVC pipe on display used a biaxially oriented extrusion technology jointly developed with its local Chinese partners.

Compared with traditional U-PVC pipes, biaxially stretched pipes have nearly twice the impact resistance and higher pressure bearing capacity, and a weight saving of up to 40%. This pipe is mainly used in sewage discharge and drinking water supply, and is easier to transport and lay than traditional ones.

PVC pipes produced by biaxially stretching extrusion technology



Plastics 4.0 Brings Automated Digital Production

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, represented by Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, is fundamentally changing the operating mode of the manufacturing industry. With the "Plastics 4.0" strategy, KraussMaffei Group is devoted to bringing new production revolution to customers together with the partners.

At Chinaplas, KraussMaffei Group released new "Plastics 4.0" technology and system solutions that connect DataXlporer, APC plus, MaXecution and AnalytiX to provide users with intelligent and automated equipment. Seamless data collection and reliable tools for network-based production enable the digitalization and networking of the entire production process, helping users turn manufacturing plants into smart factories.

It is introduced that KraussMaffei Group's "Plastics 4.0" solution includes three parts: intelligent machine, integrated production, and interactive services. Intelligent machine is intelligent and self-optimizing equipment that can improve productivity and quality. Integrated production features seamless production network where individual device and component can communicate with each other and automatically control the processes accordingly. Conversely, in a fast and globalized active service environment, interactive services are closely related to systems and services based on the latest communication technology.

KraussMaffei Group's "Plastics 4.0" consists of intelligent machine, integrated production, and interactive services

The MaXecution system displayed at the exhibition is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) specifically tailored for small and medium-sized injection molding companies. It enhances production transparency through productivity indicators such as overall asset efficiency, management of moulds and resources, statistics of machine and waste, continuously helps customers achieve digital, paperless production, and provides them with tailored solutions, so as to improve their utilization of mechanical equipment.

APC Plus of KraussMaffei

KraussMaffei's APC plus (adaptive process control) smart device functions can quickly make up for impaired functions and environmental impacts in the manufacturing process, ensuring extremely stable part weight and highest process reliability.

The DataXplorer system can display up to 500 high-resolution signal paths and visualize them, providing operators with a close and microscopic look in the production process, so that the users can respond instantly to unknown faults. At the exhibition, the visitors can access specific parameters of the equipment, such as the heating curve of organic plate or the injection pressure curve by scanning the QR code on the device.

Nestal offers users a variety of electronic functions of information and communication through new e-services. Its cloud control system, AnalytiX, allows users to quickly access a specific machine's files whenever and wherever possible through smart phones or tablet PCs, view the entire injection molding process, and achieve rapid identification of spare parts and direct command activation.

With the cloud control system AnalytiX, customers can view the entire injection molding process anytime and anywhere

In addition, Berstorff adopts a unique QuickSwitch system that can change the pipe diameter in the production. This can help users automate the producing of pipes of different sizes and reduce the waste of materials. It is suitable for small batches of automated production of multi-variety pipes.



More expertise and capacity for you to experience

At its 180th anniversary, KraussMaffei Group launched the "Compass" project, defining the new strategic focus. Faced with the ever-changing global technological revolution and the demand for digital business, KraussMaffei Group will develop new products and services for digitization and new business models based on existing technologies. Specifically, the "Plastics 4.0" strategy is a response to the "Industry 4.0".

180th anniversary of KraussMaffei Group

As an important part of the 180th anniversary event, KraussMaffei Group will hold a technology open day in Munich from June 6 to 7, inviting global partners and users to experience the leading innovations of its three major brands.

According to introduction, in the activity which lasts two days, KraussMaffei Group will completely open its Munich factory and hold more than 25 live demonstrations, extensively displaying its expertise and capability as a systematic partner in the digital era.

In addition, at the NPE held in Orlando, America from May 7 to 11, visitors can experience the unique injection molding machinery and reaction process machinery as well as extrusion technology of KraussMaffei Group on various devices. All these equipment and systems can meet customers’ high requirements for operating performance and efficiency.


KraussMaffei's advanced reaction foaming machinery


Nestal ELION2800-870

Interior of KraussMaffei's GX series


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