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ChemChina Included into the “List of 50 Most Globalized Chinese Enterprises”
Source: China National Chemical Equipment Corporation Date: 2015-03-20

On October 29, the Center for China and Globalization and the Social Sciences Academic Press jointly issued the 2014 Report on Globalization of Chinese Enterprises, which contains a “List of 50 Most Globalized Chinese Enterprises” and a “List of Top 50 Emerging Chinese Enterprises in Globalization”. ChemChina is seen in the former list, which includes domestic businesses that have the biggest globalization scale and the most significant globalization effectiveness. It is known that the “List of 50 Most Globalized Chinese Enterprises” is made according to a number of indicators such as the company’s globalization strategy, size of global market, availability of international human resources, performance of social responsibility and benefit from globalization.

Based on in-depth investigations into a vast number of “going global” cases, the Report was prepared by experts and entrepreneurs who have profound understanding of and rich experience in cross-border investment, under the organization of the Center for China and Globalization in cooperation with China International Economic Cooperation Society under the Ministry of Commerce.

According to the Report, ten big trends have emerged in the country concerning globalization of Chinese enterprises. These trends are, to name but a few: as an important watershed for the internationalization of Chinese enterprises, 2014 will be a year when China's outbound direct investment is expected to exceed the inbound direct investment, resulting in a net outflow of capital for the first time; private enterprises will be active in foreign direct investment and more state-owned enterprises will be seen to join hands with private businesses in overseas investment and M&A; some companies will begin to lay stress on the integration of the global industrial chain and turn themselves from participants into leaders of the global industrial chain.

Currently, ChemChina has production bases, R&D bases and complete marketing networks in 140 countries and regions, with 7 overseas companies operating in France, Norway, Australia, Israel, Singapore and other places. As General Manager Ren Jianxin requires, ChemChina should possess the capability of acquisition, management, operation, profit-making and withdrawal in globalization, and these words have become a well-known guiding principle in the globalization effort of Chinese enterprises.     (Ruan Chao)

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