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Siping Haohua Environmental Project Supported by Special Fund
Source: China National Chemical Equipment Corporation Date: 2015-03-20

Recently the Siping Government has provided a special fund of RMB 200, 000 in support of the Siping Haohua ammonia nitrogen treatment and drainage diversion project.

The project was commenced in March 2013 and accepted at the end of December, lasting nearly 9 months. The project consists of three parts: acetylene clean waste water recycling and reutilization; sewage station outlet excessive ammonia emergency device; and outbound drainage diversion. By adopting the “break point chlorination” method, revamping equipment and improving production process, the project realizes the purpose of transmitting the acetylene clean waste water originally discharged into the company’s sewage treatment station to the supernatant fluid pool for acetylene generation and repeated use. Now, the project has achieved an annual sewage discharge reduction of nearly 300, 000 tons, with ammonia nitrogen content far below the national standard.

Revamped, repaired and put into new use in the project were a lot of old or unused equipment and tanks, such as waste water tanks, acetylene cleaning pumps, sodium hypochlorite metering and feeding pumps, etc., saving about RMB 150, 000 in cost realizing small investment yet big benefits.

According to the local environmental authorities, the company has also upgraded its boiler desulphurization devices to achieve a maximum environmental effect. (Liu Yang).

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