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China National Chemical Equipment Corporation (Haohua Chemical)
Source: China National Chemical Equipment Corporation Date: 2015-03-13


On the morning of February 25, the first work day after the Spring Festival, the China National Chemical Equipment Corporation (Haohua Chemical) held a general meeting of the staff. General Manager Gao Zhiwei expressed his greetings to all staff members and emphasized work priorities for 2015.

He pointed out that the company obtained some achievements despite the tough work in 2014, and that the company faces more complex work in the new year which poses more challenges to the management ability. In 2015 the company is under pressures from safe environmental protection, improvement of the company’s economic benefits and restructuring. This requires staff members of related departments to keep to the principle of “One Center and Two Basic Points”, smooth management process, improve management ability, enhance production and operation foundation, restructure to boost development, focus on safety, do all they can to make up deficits and increase profits, decrease total liabilities, break through bottleneck in development and help the company to enter the stage of favorable development. 

Leaders of the company expressed their new year greetings to all staff members, so did responsible persons of the departments. They showed their determination to do their best and keeping to the work priorities of 2015.

While expressing his new year greetings, General Manager Gao also hoped that all staff members can develop themselves and work together to complete the tasks of 2015.

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