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CNCE’s annual work conference
Source: CNCE Date: 2012-01-08


The China National Chemical Equipment Corp (CNCE) held its annual work conference, for 2012, on Jan 8, in Beijing, with Ren Jianxin, ChemChina’s general manager, taking part.

In wrapping up CNCE’s work for 2011 and making plans for the coming year, the participants took part in analyzing the current economic situation and showed a determination to apply what they learned from the conference.

Chen Hong, the general manager and Party secretary of CNCE, reported on the past year’s work under the heading “Strive for sustained development through managerial and structural reforms”.

Chen said that, in spite of the difficult conditions in 2011, both at home and abroad, CNCE, stuck to its scientific development and growth transformation, under ChemChina guidance, and all of its operations hit their target, showing a great beginning for the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015).

Chen also gave a detailed description of the work to be done in 2012 and indicated that they will encounter some serious economic conditions for CNCE. He said that everyone will need to make a greater effort to reduce risks and deal with possible challenges by carefully analyzing the situation and the changes. The company is focusing on changing its development model and developing stronger marketing strategy and technical innovation. Its theme is stable growth and proper restructuring, centered on increased profits and sustained development. It will try to do this through increased internationalization and making better use of employee talent.

Other speakers included the heads of the chemical equipment, rubber equipment, and automatic parts departments, who gave the meeting an integrated departmental perspective, as well as members of advanced units and various individuals who shared their experience in putting together a talented team. (by Ma Lan) 


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