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Guilin Rubber Machinery Signs New Order of Innovative Tire Extrusion and Calendering Line
Source: 装备总公司 Date: 2020-10-14

Relying on new products and exploring new markets. Recently, Guilin Rubber Machinery successfully signed a contract with a new customer for its new product semi-steel inner-liner extrusion line with the double extrusion and calendering method, making dual breakthroughs in market development and technological innovation.

The new line developed by Guilin Rubber Machinery is suitable for the production of semi-finished parts such as high-performance radial tire liner, thin film, and tire bead film, covering four series of all-steel tires, semi-steel tires, engineering tires and motorcycle tires.

▼Guilin Rubber Machinery’s inner-liner extrusion production line

The production line is capable of performing the intelligent closed-loop pitch adjustment in the extrusion and calendering section, the automatic measurement of feedback width and thickness in the process of film laminating, the automatic and intelligent adjustment of film compound alignment, and the modular customized combination, providing smart solutions for tire production. Related products feature high composite precision, good density, uniform thickness and good plasticizing effect, effectively improving the efficiency of equipment. The line can reduce costs of such products.

In order to meet the multifaceted needs of customers, Guilin Rubber Machinery established its rubber machinery division in 2019. By relying on the national R&D platform of enterprise-based technology center, Guilin Rubber Machinery has upgraded its sci-tech management, practiced the philosophy of “science-driven development,” and constantly enhancing the innovation capacity, so as to supply its customers with more and better innovative solutions. In May 2020, the new-type dual-mode hydraulic curing press for 77-inch engineering tire independently developed by the enterprise was successfully delivered, as was the new-type 45-inch curing press for aircraft tire done by the Guilin-based enterprise.

Now, Guilin Rubber Machinery has developed a brand-new product mix with a full range of tire vulcanizing machines, tire molding machines of high cost performance and other rubber machinery products with increased R&D and innovation efficiency and further enriched product lines.

This year, Guilin Rubber Machinery has promoted eight intelligent solutions for tire manufacturers, covering most of the links of tire production. The inner-liner extrusion and calendering production line, which is important equipment in the preparation solution of semi-finished tire and rubber parts, debuted at the 2020 International Exhibition on Rubber Technology, attracting wide attention.

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