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Tianhua Institute Undertakes National Key Project in Support of Plateau Aorta Construction
Source: China National Chemical Corpor Date: 2020-09-09

Recently, Tianhua Institute was awarded the inspection and testing project of Qinghai plateau pipeline anticorrosion and thermal insulation materials of CNPC Pipeline Anticorrosion Engineering Company, to provide inspection and testing services for raw materials and finished products used in oil and gas pipeline engineering in Qinghai Province, a national key project.

As a national key project, this pipeline, over 1,000 kilometers in total length, is the main artery for crude oil and refined oil to enter the Qinghai plateau. When completed and put into operation, it will greatly improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of crude oil transmission on the plateau, and accelerate regional economic development, which is of great strategic significance for addressing China’s imbalance in economic development between different regions.

Established in 2009, the Anti-corrosion and Thermal Insulation Testing Laboratory of Tianhua Institute is the largest and most comprehensive pipeline anti-corrosion and thermal insulation testing institution in western China. Incorporated into the management system of Chemical Industry Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Nonmetallic Materials and Equipment in 2013, the Laboratory is qualified to undertake type inspection of pipeline anti-corrosion and thermal insulation and issue third-party inspection reports recognized by the state.

The project awarded this time marks the official entry of Tianhua Institute's anti-corrosion and thermal insulation inspection and testing business into the national oil and gas pipeline network construction inspection and testing market, and reflects the Institute's powerful strength in inspecting and testing pipeline anti-corrosion, thermal insulation and non-metallic materials. It is reported that, driven by this project, many other companies have also signed inspection contracts with Tianhua Institute.

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