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KraussMaffei China Launches Innovative Product—iPul? Pultrusion System
One-stop turnkey solution improves quality and efficiency for continuous fiber composite profiles
Source: China National Chemical Corpor Date: 2020-09-03

On September 2, 2020, KraussMaffei, a leading global manufacturer of machinery and systems for production and processing of rubber and plastics, announced the launch of its brand-new iPul? Pultrusion System solution for the Chinese market. KraussMaffei’s innovative integration of resin injection cassettes and profile drawing lines provides customers with a one-stop turnkey solution, based on its rich global technology know-how and local capabilities of R&D and innovation.

On the same day, 100-plus industry experts and customer representatives were invited to visit KraussMaffei’s Jiaxing Integrated Factory to experience and discuss the advanced technical advantages and broad application prospects of the iPul? system solution.

Guests witnessed the overall solution of iPul? Pultrusion System

Leveraging its deep know-how in polyurethane foams, KraussMaffei has been involved in the pultrusion market since 2017 and, in 2019, successfully acquired Pultrex, a global company with 40 years of experience in this field and operating more than 600 pultrusion systems worldwide, to further enhance its market competitiveness.

“The iPul? Pultrusion System solution is a new product developed by KraussMaffei for the mass production of continuous fiber composite profiles by combining its global strengths with local market needs. The integration of resin injection boxes and profile drawing lines marks a major breakthrough in the pultrusion industry, meeting the demand for high-quality pultruded products in China and beyond.” Mr. Xu Yutang, vice president of Product Owner & Planning for KraussMaffei China, said.

Guests experience the overall solution of iPul? Pultrusion System

Against the backdrop of China’s new infrastructure, the demand for and application of high-performance composites is on the increase. The pultrusion process is an efficient way to produce composite materials, where roving (i.e. continuous fiber yarn or fabric made of glass, carbon or aramid) and matrix resin are infiltrated into a heated mold to set the shape, followed by a drawing head that pulls the cured profile continuously from the other end of the mold. This process, featuring high raw material utilization, high flexibility and the ability to produce complex structural profiles, can be widely used in new energy, rail transportation, construction, utilities and other fields.

The KraussMaffei iPul? overall solution for pultrusion offers the following “5i” advantages over conventional processes.

1. Injection: Low-pressure injection of polyurethane and rapid infiltration of fibers in resin injection cassettes for faster and cleaner production

2. Innovation: Dynamic balancing of injection and drawing speeds for more precise and higher operating speeds

3. Integration: One central control system for integrated monitoring of temperature, pressure and speed

4. Industrialized: Adapting to the demands of high-capacity production

5. Intelligent: Digital empowerment for smart and worry-free production

The eco-friendly pultrusion solution greatly increases the efficiency of continuous fiber composite profile production, cuts costs, and sets a new standard in the pultrusion industry.

The system is compatible with the iPul? Factory Master Digital Platform. Through modular application expansion, it can realize multi-dimensional applications ranging from interconnectivity, key parameter monitoring, status alerts and product online inspection around the production line, to planning management and material management covering the production and execution, in a bid to meet the digital operation needs of factories. Based on the valuable data generated by the Factory Master, KraussMaffei will also provide customers with more caring value-added services covering the whole life cycle of equipment, such as equipment optimization, fault diagnosis, spare parts supply, training and promotion, in an effort to help customers to produce in an intelligent and worry-free manner.

Guests learned about the iPul? Factory Master Digital Platform on site

In the construction field, the composite window frames are produced through the pultrusion molding process, which significantly reduces weight, with their significantly higher strength and mechanical properties than those of aluminum and PVC materials. They also have good thermal insulation properties, facilitating energy conservation and environmental protection. In the wind power industry, blade lengths and weights are being upgraded as the capacity of individual wind turbines continues to expand. This trend poses new challenges for materials and manufacturing processes for beam caps, the critical load-bearing structure of wind turbine blades. Compared to traditional epoxy infusion processes, pultrusion can be applied to both glass and carbon fibers, resulting in faster, lower cost, and more consistent product quality.

The iPul? system can be widely used in the wind power, door and window industries.

In the future, KraussMaffei will continue to explore the application of iPul? Pultrusion solutions in the new energy vehicles, aerospace and power transmission markets.

The iPul? Pultrusion system has been put into production at KraussMaffei’s Jiaxing plant and will be delivered to customers in China. The Jiaxin Factory integrates R&D and technology centers for injection, extrusion and reaction molding, which can design and develop according to the needs of Chinese customers, and provide comprehensive local support for process, engineering, service and overall project management. In particular, the China Pultrusion Technology Center not only provides new injection-mixing machines and fully controlled pultrusion lines for fast-reacting polyurethanes, but also develops customized processes and lines in conjunction with resin and fiber manufacturers, offering customers with turnkey solutions with the full value chain and supporting customers in the further process optimization and new product development.

The iPul? Pultrusion System solution was unveiled at the exhibition, receiving a lot of attention and inquiries from many visitors. From September 2 to 4, KraussMaffei will bring the system to the 26th China International Composites industrial Technical Expo (Booth No.: A2418, Hall 2, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center) to showcase this faster, cleaner, high-quality, one-stop pultrusion molding solution among more Chinese and international customers, and to share our vision of industry trends. Together with other enterprises, KraussMaffei serves as a pioneer to shape a shared future for all.

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