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Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery: A Special Letter of Thanks from Customer
Accomplishing a seemingly impossible task
Source: China National Chemical Corpor Date: 2020-07-17

On July 13, Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery received a special letter of thanks from Wuxi Brilliant Boton Conveyor Solution Co., Ltd. (hereafter called “Wuxi Brilliant”)

On the cherry-red thank-you letter, Wuxi Brilliant expressed its gratitude to Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery and its staff members for completing the production, installation and commissioning of China’s first 2.4 x 16m ultra-large steel-wire and fabric-core flat vulcanizer production line with high quality during the epidemic, and for helping it successfully produce products ordered by an Australian customer.

The letter reads: “Thank you for your strong support. In the cooperation, the two sides timely communicated with each other. The most amazing thing is that your company had been united to overcome heavy difficulties amid the epidemic and work hard overtime to meet our urgent demands. In the contractual period, you provided high-quality products according to strict requirements to complete a seemingly impossible task.”

At the end of 2019, Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery signed a contract with Wuxi Brilliant for the first 2.4 x 16 m ultra-large steel-wire and fabric-core flat vulcanizer production line in China. According to the production plan of Wuxi Brilliant, this line will be used to produce high-quality steel-wire conveyor belt products for an Australian customer.

However, the sudden outbreak of covid-19 disrupted original preparation and production schemes. To ensure the smooth production of the 2.4 x 16 m ultra-large flat vulcanizer, Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery has actively resumed work and production and overcome the double tests of the epidemic and the overall relocation and technical transformation of special processing equipment for key components of ultra-large vulcanizer—4 x 22 m CNC double gantry milling (grinding) machine in urgent need of dismantling and overhauling.

Before the key equipment returned to the factory for overhauling, Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery had made plans in advance for the production of hot plates, beams and other machined parts for this ultra-large flat vulcanizer. In the operation of machine, workers performed 24-hour shifts to complete the processing of the key parts of the ultra-large flat vulcanizer before the dismantling of the gantry milling machine, which won time for the subsequent final assembly and commissioning.

Before May Day, two big cranes lifted the 16-meter-long lower beam, hot plate and upper beam from the 16-meter mainframe composed of deckle board and oil cylinder bit by bit at the assembly site, which impressed people deeply. Every step forward, the on-site director, assembly personnel and crane masters always put safety in the first place and worked closely with each other to achieve precision assembly.

To speed up the process, the ten-member assembly team only took a short break during the May Day holiday before went into the intensive commissioning. Through the plate pressure test, the multi-point lead pressure test of hot plate plane  and other commissionings, the strict testing by the quality inspection personnel on site showed the technical indicators are up to or exceed the national standard of the flat vulcanizer.

On May 11, the 2.4 x 16 m ultra-large vulcanizer was successfully produced in Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery, creating a first in China. The technical personnel of Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery carried out innovative improvements to meet higher requirements of high efficiency, energy conservation and high quality in the production of conveyor belts, which can satisfy the new demands of mining, wharf and other users for steel-cord conveyor belts featuring high strength, impact resistance and large width.

The main machine is composed of 13x3 groups of Φ500mm hydraulic cylinders, which make the forces on beams and hot plates more even during the operating period. It can not only improve the quality of vulcanization of the conveyor belt, but also prolong the service life of equipment. The main machine adopts the powerless system for steam condensate recovery, which makes the system piping layout simpler and the control more intelligent and improves the utilization rate of steam heat energy and the efficiency of condensate recovery. The forming machine is fitted with laser marking machine, which renders the forming more automatic and strip blanks neater. Tape winding is equipped with laser distance measurement to automatically match speed and tension, resulting in more automatic winding and better forming results. The fabric rewinding device is equipped with a spreading roller device to improve the flatness of fabric rewinding and avoid tight sides, loose middle, wrinkles and others. The passive end of the guide device is fitted with reducer + electromagnetic vise disc brake, which can automatically exert a certain tension on the tape when the guide is opened. This avoids that the tape falls to the ground when the guide is too loose. Also, the passive end can be used as a brake when the guide is terminated. The film cutter and spindle holder were improved to an electric unit for greater automation of the control.

Amid the epidemic, logistics and transportation posed another challenge. Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery contacted and coordinated the freight fleet, with the flat vulcanizer weighing 600-plus tons delivered at the installation site of Wuxi Brilliant. The company dispatched the fitter Wu Yuewu and the electrical engineer Wang Hongen from the marketing center to ensure the installation and tape production as soon as possible. The two experienced employees or the best partners made protective preparations for installation and commissioning in Wuxi.

To ensure the delivery of Wuxi Brilliant’s conveyor belt orders, Wang Hongen and Wu Yuewu even stayed on site for commissioning for two consecutive days, doing their utmost to shorten the installation and debugging period. By collaborating closely with Wuxi Brilliant’s staff members, they reduced the installation and commissioning period to one-third of the time normally required for a 16m flat.

On June 27, the super-large flat vulcanizer line was used to produce excellent and qualified high-strength steel-cored conveyor belts. With all their indicators being qualified, finished products are superb in their appearance quality,  which has won precious time for Wuxi Brilliant to successfully export conveyor belts to Australian customers amid the epidemic.

“Thank you for your employees Wu Yuewu and Wang Hongen who were on call during the installation and debugging and worked hard all night long to solve the problems, demonstrating your company’s dedication and resilience. We are proud of your company boasting such excellent members, who set an exemplary for our staff.” Wuxi Brilliant spoke highly of the two skilled workers in the thank-you letter.

(Reported by Li Zhonghong)

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