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KraussMaffei Wins Ringier Technology Innovation Award
Source: ChemChina Date: 2020-07-06

Recently, KraussMaffei’s new home-made full series PXA all-electric injection molding machine and EdelweissCompounding technology won the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2020 for the Plastics Industry.

Mr. Xu Yutang (second from right), vice president of Product Owner & Planning for KraussMaffei China, receives the award.

This was the first time KraussMaffei participated in the selection of the Ringier Technology Innovation Award. This year, 70-odd rubber and plastic enterprises and nearly 80 innovative products and technologies from all over the world participated in the competition.

The Ringier Technology Innovation Award was founded in 2004. Every year, a professional judging panel from associations, universities and research institutions will be formed to recognize and commend innovative rubber and plastic products and technologies with outstanding contributions in the industry, encouraging more enterprises to invest in technological innovation, improve their economic benefits and achieve their sustainable development. The award is a widely recognized and influential one in the industry.

Mr. Xu Yutang, vice president of Product Owner & Planning for KraussMaffei China, said, “I am honored that KraussMaffei won this recognition from industry experts and customers in our first-time participation. PXA all-electric injection molding machine and EdelweissCompounding technology are both designated to meet the needs of Chinese customers and markets, embodying that KraussMaffei has made solid progress in the Chinese market with its pioneering spirit and innovation capabilities to support Chinese customers’ growth and sustainable development.”

The home-grown full series of PXA full-electric injection molding machines are tailored for Chinese customers. It has been popular with customers for one year after its launch. It has formed a complete product line with clamping force from 50 tons to 320 tons and injection units from SP55 to SP2000, fully highlighting “German Quality Meets Chinese Agility.”

During the opening ceremony of KraussMaffei Jiaxing Integrated Factory recently, KraussMaffei showcased seven PXA all-electric injection molding machines on site and their special applications in silica gel injection molding, metal powder injection molding and other processes, as well as precision injection molding, optical lenses, and spray-free high-gloss surfaces. They fully demonstrated the advantages of PXA series in high efficiency, flexibility, stability and accuracy, winning the praise of customers on site. In the future, PXA series will continue to expand its product line and portfolio to meet the diverse needs of customers in different fields such as medical treatment, packaging, 3C electronics, 5G, household appliances, automobiles, etc.

The EdelweissCompounding technology can compound recycled waste plastics into high-quality, high-benefit and high-stability end products. Also, it can improve the cost-effectiveness and make recycled materials more attractive to recycling enterprises and plastic manufacturers. The technology made its world debut at the K Show in Dusseldorf in 2019 and was first promoted at China International Import Expo in November 2019, winning extensive attention and praise from customers in China and beyond.

KraussMaffei has been adhering to the pioneering spirit and devoted himself to the research of plastic recycling, upgrading, recycling and compounding. It has served as the forerunner and promoter of circular economy in the rubber and plastic industry. Meanwhile, KraussMaffei also advocates the joint efforts of communities, governments, enterprises and partners to establish a cooperative ecosystem of rubber & plastic circular economy and boost the sustainable development of the rubber and plastic industry.

KraussMaffei, headquartered at Germany, has been cultivating the Chinese market since its entry into China in 2001. It joined ChemChina in 2016 and went public on Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2018. The company is committed to providing one-stop injection molding, extrusion and reaction molding machinery, equipment and technology covering all fields, as well as automation, digitization and service solutions for Chinese and global customers. With the completion of Jiaxing Integrated Factory in June, KraussMaffei will further enhance its localization capabilities, create greater value for customers and shape a better life for people.

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