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Guilin Rubber Machinery Makes Early Plan for Flood Control
Adhering to the principle of one core, dual linkage and triple-pronged moves
Source: ChemChina Date: 2020-06-11

Recently, southern China underwent the heaviest rainfall since the starting of flood season, while Guangxi, Guangdong and others broke their local records for their total rainfall in early June.

Of them, Guilin is one of the hardest hit areas. In June, torrential rain continues to fall in Guilin and floods occur in many places, leading to a grim flood-controlling situation.

During the rainy season of 2019, Guilin Rubber Machinery, a subsidiary of CNCE, had suffered the largest flood disaster since its inception in 1966, with a 21.4-meter-long wall of its southern end collapsed, due to its location close to Guilin’s Western Canal.

Guilin Rubber Machinery in the flood of 2019

In the face of extreme weather this year, Guilin Rubber Machinery has made early emergency plans to ensure that flood prevention, disaster reduction and emergency response are put in place through the principle of “one core,” “dual linkage” and “triple-pronged moves,” so as to make concerted efforts to fight the tough battle for workplace safety in the flood season.

With the “overall planning in advance and quick response” as the core, Guilin Rubber Machinery issued an early warning in late May to implement the for the prevention of flood and waterlogging. The sewer was dredged to ensure smooth drainage. Enterprise emergency response teams are on standby at any time to ensure timely handling of any danger.

An internal and external linkage mechanism has been established. The company’s Safety and Environment Department, Property Management Department and Office coordinated with each other to ensure that staff members are on duty 24 hours a day to grasp the danger in the first place. Also, a linkage mechanism has been established to cooperate with the emergency response departments of the local government to improve the handling capability.

The personnel of Guilin Rubber Machinery’s Safety and Environment Department check the drainage of flood and waterlogging in the factory area in the rain.

Staff members have strengthened daily inspection, especially the “sweeping” investigation on the situation that short-term heavy rainfall may easily cause waterlogging. They have worked to rectify hidden dangers. Because the southern end of the factory is close to the Western Canal, a flood control wall has been built based on the original factory wall for reinforcement. New flood-controlling sandbags and movable baffles have been set up beside waterlogging-prone places to ensure that flood-controlling materials are in place. All members have enhanced the safety awareness, publicized it through meetings, emails, WeChat groups and other forms, and sharpened employees' safety awareness of flood control and prevention and lightning protection.

A person-in-charge of Guilin Rubber Machinery is checking whether the flood-controlling wall is firm.

Adhering to the principle of putting safety first, Guilin Rubber Machinery will make all measures for flood prevention in an early, serious, and practical manner. Zhang Hongbo, Party secretary and general manager of Guilin Rubber Machinery, said, “In case of any danger, we will start the emergency plan for flood prevention in the shortest possible time and do everything in our power to ensure the safety of workers’ lives and property and minimize risks.”

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