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Tianhua Institute’s VOCs Treatment Technology Boosts Green Development of Petrochemical Industry
Source: ChemChina Date: 2020-06-03

Recently, the Environmental Protection Institute of Tianhua Institute won the bid for the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) treatment project of Lanzhou PetroChina Lubricant Additive Co., Ltd., achieving another major breakthrough of environmental protection equipment in the petrochemical industry following the polypropylene waste gas treatment project of CNOOC Daxie Petrochemical.

This project of great significance was one of the key links in Lanzhou Petrochemical’s rectification and implementation of feedback from the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate. The owner gave high priority to the project, requiring that the duration from 45 days after winning the bid to the completion of equipment acceptance and delivery is half of the period of project delivery and commissioning. Being responsible for customers, the Environmental Protection Institute conducted early-stage exchanges and on-site investigations in the factory for many times, communicated technical details with the design unit and head of the owner party, mastered waste gas pollution sources, and continuously improved the technical route, fully meeting the needs of the owner. Finally, Tianhua Institute was well recognized by bid evaluation experts and owners through its professional technical scheme and perfect service system.

During the epidemic prevention and control, the Environmental Protection Institute under Tianhua Institute has changed its management thinking, adapted to the new market environment, turned “crisis” into “opportunity” and sought new development opportunities. Direct-fired incinerator (TO) was developed and improved for waste gas featuring high concentration and small air volume. Aiming at the waste gas with low concentration and large air volume, the Institute drew on foreign advanced technologies to develop the technology of “zeolite wheel plus RTO” based on regenerative incinerator (RTO). Now, the Institute has accumulated a lot of waste gas treatment experience in coking, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, pesticide, polypropylene and other industries. It can meet users’ double needs of treatment capacity and efficiency, winning unanimous praise from users.

Currently, the Environmental Protection Institute is exchanging views with many petrochemical customers over the waste gas treatment plan. Through its existing treatment technologies and experience in environmental protection, it has contributed its share to the implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s ecological conservation thought of “bluer sky, greener mountains, clearer water and more beautiful environment.”

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