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YRPM’s Tandem Mixer Boosts Green and Smart Development of Rubber Products Industr
More Specifications and Larger Capacity
Source: ChemChina Date: 2020-06-03

Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery (YRPM), after a year of technological demonstration, signed a contract for a new-type large-capacity tandem mixer with a large tire enterprise in Thailand. In recent years, it has embarked on the road of technological innovation-driven development, achieving new results in the R&D, innovation, and application of tandem mixer.


  YRPM is China’s earliest manufacturer to introduce, localize and produce meshing mixer. After years of development, its series of mixers cover 30-odd meshing and tangent models with a capacity ranging from 1.5 L to 1,000L. They are applied to a host of rubber product fields such as tire manufacturing, engineering rubber, aerospace, wires, cables, and conveyor belts. 190L, 250L and 420L meshing mixers have also been adopted by European customers, setting an exemplar for China’s large and heavy rubber machinery products to enter the European market.

  In 2010, YRPM, following the green and energy-saving development trend of the rubber industry, successfully developed China’s first GE320/590T tandem mixer (i.e. the capacity of the upper mixer is 320L,while that of the lower mixer is 590L) and launched it on the market in cooperation with large tire enterprises and rubber products enterprises in China and beyond. The tandem mixer adopts the series intermittent mixing technology. A traditional mixer is installed on a large meshing mixer without weight, and the upper and lower mixers are connected with material tanks. After rubber compounds are mixed in the upper mixer, it directly enters the lower mixer for final constant-temperature mixing (at this time, a new batch of rubber compounds is mixed in the upper mixer). The mixing process of all compounds is completed at one time, featuring high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving.

  The mixer is suitable for mixing high-volume rubber compounds. Compared with the original conventional single-type mixing method, the production efficiency of mixing rubber compounds is improved by over 60%, the consumption of electric energy is cut by 20-50%, the investment in plant and equipment is reduced by about 20-30%, and lubricating oil is saved by more than 40%. Also, the operation labor and logistics cost can be lowered, winning the favor of customers at home and abroad. Subsequently, YRPM has developed a series of small, medium and large tandem mixers with multiple capacity specifications, which can be applied in more extensive scenarios. Currently, YRPM has provided nearly 40 tandem mixers of various specifications and models for domestic and international customers.

  In recent years, YRPM has adopted 90E/180T and 135E/260T small tandem mixers as its core equipment and introduced the industry’s leading one-step intelligent rubber-mixing technology scheme. The equipment and technology have been widely used in the industry of rubber products such as automobile parts, seals, rubber cables, rubber hose, and tapes. The successful application of this technical scheme has bolstered the upgrading and green & smart development of rubber-mixing equipment and technology in the industry of rubber products.

  The 420E/800T large-capacity tandem mixer under the newly signed contract is YRPM’s new product with the production capacity growing by nearly 30% when compared with the previous 320E/590T tandem mixer.

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