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Lin Zhineng of Fujian Tianhua Obtains the Title of "Top 100 Craftsmen"
Source: ChemChina Date: 2019-09-22

On September 21, the results of selection for the "Top 100 Craftsmen" were released at the work conference for talents of central enterprises held by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. Lin Zhineng, National Model Worker, Deputy Director and Senior Fitter of Assembly Workshop, Fujian Tianhua Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (Fujian Sanming Double-Wheel Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd) was selected to be among the "Top 100 Craftsmen".

He has been committed to the development of the enterprise and optimization of installation technology by focusing on solving actual problems occurring in installation. He has worked for 34 years. Over the years, he has been committed to solving all kinds of technical difficulties occurring in the installation, commissioning and after-sales service of curing presses. He has won a number of honorable titles including "Excellent Talent in Fujian", "Labor Day Medal of Fujian Province", "Expert Receiving Special Government Allowances of the State Council", "National Technical Expert", and "National Model Worker", and become a well-known skill master in the industry.

Wining the trust of customers by solving various difficulties

In 2015, the company sold a batch of 65-inch hydraulic curing presses. Users found the problem of low pumping efficiency or even insufficient pumping during the use which reduced the production efficiency greatly and decreased the output of tires. Lin Zhineng changed the original vacuum pumping pipeline shared by two steamers to be two vacuum pumping pipelines together with his team, so as to reduce the time of bladder deflating and meet the users' technological requirements and process arrangement. According to the testing results of users, the time of auxiliary production for tire curing could be shortened by 1 hour, the overall efficiency of the curing press increased by 8.6%, the daily output of a single machine increased from 22 tires to 24 tires, and a single production line could produce more than 8,500 tires in a year after the improvement, which could be on a par with curing presses manufactured by Mitsubishi and reached the world-class standards. Users were very satisfied with it and sent a commendatory letter to us.

Being bold in making innovations, catching up with world-class enterprises

With 34 years of work experience, Lin Zhineng has known very well about the functions and structure of curing presses. In 2017, he analyzed the installation and commissioning time of each part of curing press carefully with two studio members Luo Ping and Yang Bin. They found that the original pipeline system was designed unreasonably. It was not only tedious, but also polluted the environment. After renovation, the pipeline system was optimized, efficiency increased, installation time shortened and the workshop environment protected. The cost saved reached more than 200,000 yuan a year. He won the third prize at the "Five Smalls" Innovation Competition for One Million Employees in Fujian Province that year for the innovation.

In 2018, he found several defects prevailing in bladder curing presses: low strength and rigidity, irregular appearance; low roundness and roughness of main piston, which resulted in serious abrasion, short service life and poor sealing performance of seal rings; susceptibility to breakage and short service life of main cylinder gland. He worked with his colleague Xu Guozhu to set a seal ring between the main piston and main cylinder; use a welding structure for the lateral plate and add an L-type reinforcing plate on each side; carry out chrome-plating and polishing processing for the exterior of the main piston, thus increasing the roundness and surface finish, reducing the abrasion between the main piston and main cylinder; adopt the ZG230-450 steel for the main cylinder gland, thus avoiding the susceptibility to breakage. After renovation, the bladder curing presses featured high structural strength, excellent sealing performance and long service life. He won the second prize at the "Five Smalls" Innovation Competition for One Million Employees in Fujian Province for the utility model patent in 2018.  

Skill master leading an elite team

Lin Zhineng "loves whatever he is engaged in". He takes on his responsibilities, keeps improving himself and actively helps his team to develop. Lin Zhineng Skill Master Studio was established in 2010. Consisting of 13 members, the studio has cooperated with the technical center in research, development and trial production of new products, organized key technical research and solved various technical difficulties in product installation, commissioning and acceptance on site. The studio has made 26 scientific research achievements, among which 2 have obtained national invention patents and 24 have obtained national utility model patents. The number of patents granted has ranked top among studios in the industry. Lin Zhineng has led other employees to carry out 123 technical renovation projects, summarized 46 advanced methods of operation, put forward 228 reasonable suggestions of which 63 have been implemented, and brought about economic benefits of more than 20 million yuan. Besides, Lin Zhineng has participated in the "apprenticeship" activity of the company for long, and passed on his skills and operation experience as an assembly fitter to his apprentices and colleagues through technical seminars, skill demonstration, experience exchange and on-site guidance. There is a proverb that "The master would starve if he has taught all the knowledge to his apprentice". But he said, "The enterprise has provided a stage to me. I am just trying to repay it by passing on my technical skills." Over the years, he has trained 3 senior technicians, 6 technicians and more than 30 senior and intermediate workers successively.

With ingenuity and hard efforts, Lin Zhineng continues to pursue excellence. He has grown into an outstanding craftsman with superb skills from an ordinary worker, vividly interpreting the deep connotation of "labor considered the most beautiful, and dreams realized with ingenuity".

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