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A Record of Flood Fighting and Emergency Rescue of Guilin Rubber Machinery
We ensure safety with united and determined efforts
Source: 装备总公司 Date: 2019-07-31

Since July 10, 2019, Guilin experienced large-scale strong rainfall. The five reservoirs including the Qingshitan Reservoir and the Zhujiang Reservoir opened the sluice gates for flood discharge. At 11:30AM on July 13, a 21.4m wall adjoining the west main canal of Guilin city at the southern tip of Guilin Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. (the Company) was wash away by the flood, which ran into the factory area from the steel warehouse along the trunk road. Due to groundwater inversion, the factory area and its neighboring employee family area were flooded within half an hour, and the water level at some areas even exceeded one meter. The Company inflicted the largest flood since it was founded in 1966, and the state-owned assets and the people’s lives and property were severely threatened. 

We make concerted efforts to fight against the disaster

After the danger happens, The Company immediately launched the emergency plan on flood control and disaster relief and established a leading group for flood fighting and emergency rescue. Relevant personnel rushed to the gap to check the flood. On the principle of putting the protection of the lives of the people at the first place and under the precondition of ensuring safe evacuation of the employees and the people, the Company cut off the power decisively and contacted with local governments and relevant departments in a timely manner for help. 


Relevant leaders of the Party committee and heads of the Safety and Environmental Protection Department of CNCE also gave instructions to and put forward clear requirements on emergency rescue and disaster relief of the Company by means of teleconferencing.

In accordance with the arrangements for disaster relief, the leading group assembled immediately five electric generators and water pumps and designated 10 persons at the riveting & welding workshop, metalworking workshop and general assembly workshop, respectively, for the purpose of flood protection. All the departments made concerted efforts to transfer facilities, equipments, products, accessories, and documents to a safe place. The 15-member emergency team, in close cooperation with the Department of Property Management and the Logistics Center, rushed in emergency supplies such as sand, woven bags, shovels, waterproof cloth, and flashlights, etc. Meanwhile, headed by the Party branches, over 100 mid-level officials and employees gathered at a safe place near the east gate of the Company to await orders.

At 14:00PM, the personnel from Guilin Municipal Government as well as the Fire Brigade, Bureau of Emergency Management, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and Bureau of Public Security of Xiangshan District rushed to the scene to take part in emergency rescue, which was directed by Zhang Xiaowu, Executive Vice Mayer of Guilin. The emergency rescue & disaster relief work of the Company was in its full swing.

Party officials assumed responsibilities and stood at the forefront

The unexpected flood was a severe test for the Company. At such a critical moment, Party officials stood firmly at the forefront.


At that time, the top priority is to fill in the gap of the wall and block off the flood. The rescue team tried every means including using a 50-ton crane to hoist large steel structures, but failed to achieve the desired results. Fortunately, the floodwater receded to some extent. The rescue team made a scientific analysis and considered that it was safe. Deputy Party Secretary organized Party members including Xu Wenhua, Liu Xiao and Liao Li waded across the flood towards the gap, followed by members of the emergency team as well as personnel from bureaus of public security, fire control and city management, and many others.

Jiang Yaxiang, head of the general assembly group, led the members of the group to lift up the sandbags to stop the flood at the gate of the material preparation workshop of the packaging team in a timely manner, so as to clean up the obstacles for material transportation. Liu Zhukuan quickly made a raft, which is equipped with foam bags at the bottom for increasing the buoyancy. The raft was used as a tool for transporting materials including composite boards, etc. At 5PM, Jiang, after receiving the urgent demands for timber piles for flood fighting, manually made over 20 timber piles without the help of such tools as electric saw.


Thanks to the scientific, efficient and timely command, the rescue team filled in the gap and blocked off the flood by taking appropriate measures such as interception by steel square tubes, underground piling and paving of square bricks and sand bags according to local conditions. Thanks to nearly 200 persons’ efforts for about five hours, the flood and ponding at the factory and the family area gradually subsided, as a result, property loss of the company and the people was minimized, and there were casualties. 

We took precautions and made the emergency plan deliver results

In order to prevent secondary disasters, all the employees of the company kept safety protection as the central task, analyzed and troubleshot the potential risks, and worked tirelessly. At about 3:00AM on August 14, the rescue team heightened the dyke at the gap and reinforced the 15m-long wall nearby. 

Leaders of the Party committee of CNCE always paid attention to the progress of emergency rescue and disaster relief, made clear instructions and put forward requirements on post-disaster safety risk prevention and control as well as resumption of production in a timely manner. The rescue team clarified the responsibilities, strengthened coordination, intensified monitoring early warning and analyses, took strict measures for inspection, thoroughly troubleshot various potential risks, and delivered a solid performance in preventing and coping with disasters in the next stage. Since 7:30AM on August 14, the company has taken effective measures for safety check, equipment repair and maintenance, cleanup, epidemic prevention, and production recovery, etc. 

During flood fighting and emergency rescue, the emergency plan made by the Company played an important role in the critical moment. In accordance with the emergency plan, under the unified leadership of the Company, managers in charge of workplace safety and all relevant functional departments worked closely with each other. The rescue team was led by the general manager as the head and vice general manager and deputy Party secretary as vice heads. The leading group office was headed by the Safety and Environmental Protection Department and consisted of all members of the SHE committee as well as department heads and workshop directors of the Company. The leading group office consisted of the emergency repair team, material supply team, transportation team, safety alert & evacuation team, medical aid team and communication & coordination team, etc.

In addition, the Company established a 15-person militia squad for emergency rescue and incorporated it into the emergency rescue branch of the Xiangshan District of Guilin. At ordinary times, the militia squad takes part in conventional drills regularly and government-organized emergency rescues occasionally, does well in a number of rescue operations and is highly praised by local governments for its quick response and strong capabilities.

The employees of the Company, policemen and officials for city management went through thick and thin together, remained true to their original aspirations, took up the mission by relying on their wisdom, efforts and perseverance, building a wall for protecting state-owned assets and the people's lives and property and writing a new chapter for flood fighting and emergency rescue in the new era.

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