KraussMaffei Jiaxing Plant Opens
Source: China National Chemical Corpor Date: 2020-06-19

On June 18, KraussMaffei opened an integrated chemical plant in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, held an opening ceremony and relevant activities, marking the completion of another comprehensive functional headquarters of KraussMaffei beyond Germany. During the ceremony, KraussMaffei exhibited 10 different type of machines and 16 diverse market applications, and held its first “Pioneering Plastics” innovation and development forum together with more than 600 customers and partners to discuss about the new technologies and trends of the rubber & plastics industry.

The Jiaxing plant Phase I project covers an area of more than 58,000 square meters, and reserves a land of 37,000 square meters for future use by Phase II project. It has functions of R&D, engineering design, equipment manufacturing and supply chain management, and is another comprehensive functional headquarters of KraussMaffei beyond Germany. After its completion of the construction of the plant, KraussMaffei’s production capacity in China will be doubled. The Jiaxing Economic and Technological Development Zone, where the new plant is located, is at the center of fostering a world-class innovative industrial cluster in the Greater Bay Area of Zhejiang, and lists high-end equipment manufacturing as priority industry at a level of RMB100 billion. KraussMaffei will fully leverage local supply chains and collaborate with its partners to facilitate industrial upgrading of China's intelligent manufacturing and rubber and plastics industries.

"Cooperation wins future. With the rapid integrated development of Yangtze River Delta, we’d like to take this opportunity to invite more enterprises like KraussMaffei to invest here and seek development together", said Mr. Chen Lizhong, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Jiaxing Committee and Secretary of CPC Working Committee of Jiaxing Economic and Technological Development Zone (International Business Zone).

"China and the rest of the world are all facing challenges impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to the manufacturing industry and related industrial chains. Meanwhile, the emerging new technologies and new trends, intelligent manufacturing, digital services and solutions are bringing new opportunities to our industry. The plant is another major landmark in the over 180-year history of KraussMaffei, which aims to further expand the Chinese market, enhance our localization capabilities and create values for customers in China and across the globe", said Mr. Cui Xiaojun, CEO of KraussMaffei China.

The Germany-headquartered KraussMaffei has been exploring the Chinese market since its entry into China in 2001. It joined ChemChina in 2016, and was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2018. The Jiaxing plant has a world-class R&D center and technology centers for extrusion, injection, and reaction injection molding technologies. "With profound technical accumulation and enhanced local competency, KraussMaffei will respond to customers more efficiently, providing them with comprehensive local support such as R&D, engineering, process, testing, training, service and overall project management, with cutting-the-edge technologies and tailor-made solutions".

During the ceremony, with strict measures taken for epidemic prevention and control, KraussMaffei showcased its comprehensive strengths of one-stop injection molding, extrusion and reaction molding machineries and technologies in all fields. The 10 rubber and plastic equipment and 16 applications at the site include star products such as a full range of PXA all-electric injection molding machines developed and manufactured in China, double screw extruder and innovative foaming machine. In addition, KraussMaffei displayed its technologies such as silicone injection molding, intramembrane paint spraying, and metal powder injection molding, as well as special applications such as precision injection molding, optical lens, and spraying-free glossy surface, fully displaying KraussMaffei’s capacity of and confidence in keeping close to customers and meeting the requirements on diversified market applications.

Specifically, the homemade PXA all-electric injection molding machine, which has recently won the “Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2020 – Plastics Industry”, became a highlight at the ceremony. The PXA all-electric injection molding machine is customized for Chinese customers. One year after its launching, it has increased its mound clamping force from 50t to 320t, and offers injection units with their lengths ranging from 55mm to 2,000mm, fully demonstrating the theme “Originality of Germany, and Rhythm of China”. In the future, KraussMaffei will continue to expand the product line and portfolio of the PXA series, so as to meet the needs of customers in the fields of healthcare, 3C electronics, 5G, home appliances, packaging, and automobile, etc.

KraussMaffei is not only a manufacturer of rubber machineries, but also is committed to perfectly integrating full lifecycle services and digitalization and helping its customers achieve digital transformation. In 2017, KraussMaffei launched China’s first e-mall offering solutions of injection molding machine and manipulator as well as online after-sales service platform, widening customers’ purchasing channels and enhancing their experience. At the site, KraussMaffei displayed the digital solutions for AR remote assistant, smart production consultant and data magnifier, which can help customers increase their production efficiency and product quality and improve equipment management.

After the completion of the construction of the plant, KraussMaffei will continue to follow the brand concept of “Pioneering Plastics”, take a market-oriented approach, actively grasp the new opportunities for development, deepen its development in China, assist its customers all over the world in achieving greater success and shaping the future.

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