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Guilin Rubber Machinery Factory develops new vulcanizing machine
Source: Guilin Rubber Machinery Factory Date: 2012-01-03

The Guilin Rubber Machinery Factory recently came up with a new type of vulcanizing machine, one that has all the advantages of both mechanical and hydraulic vulcanizing machines, i.e. a mechanical-hydraulic hybrid. Customers have already claimed the first 25 products.

The main drive of a conventional mechanical vulcanizing machine uses a crank-link mechanism, while other mechanical drives use water as a driving force. This consumes an enormous amount of water and, moreover, the waste-water contains many impurities and shortens the service life of the cylinders. Generally, the O-rings of the water cylinders have to be replaced every 4~5 months. And, water shortages are now a main problem to companies, so the reduction of water consumption is a major development direction. It was for this reason that the factory combined the advantages of the mechanical vulcanizing machine and hydraulic vulcanizing machine and chose hydraulic pressure and air pressure as an alternate source of power, except for the main drive. This design has greatly cut water consumption and has even led to the invention of a mechanical-hydraulic hybrid vulcanizing machine, which closes the nation's gap in vulcanizing equipment.

The main features of the equipment are its main drive, which uses a crank-link mechanism; other mechanical structures use oil or air pressure to cut energy consumption and provide a fast, stable sources of power. The displacement sensor technology improves the reliability and stability of positioning during the vertical movement of the tyre-mounting mechanism and the upper ring of the central mechanism. The steam piping uses a type of control valve that increases the productivity of tire vulcanization and accuracy of control and reduces steam consumption. The tire release mechanism uses an oil cylinder and a simple structure, and is convenient for maintenance.

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