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Guilin Rubber Machinery Factory is now a model informatization company
Source: Guilin Rubber Machinery Factory Date: 2012-01-05
The Guilin Rubber Machinery Factory got some good news recently from a Guangxi science and technology conference on the informatization of the manufacturing industry, when it was notified that it had been recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a model company for the "engineering applications of information technology to the manufacturing industry". Only four Guangxi companies have received this title. The factory has spent more than 20 million yuan on informatization, and, in the recent years has linked everything by IT-based management, through online operations and the application of an ERP system. Everything -- personnel, funds, materials, production, supplies and marketing are covered by information integration and business collaboration, with paperless transmission of the business process and no more warehouse accounts, process quotas, inter-workshop circulation tickets, or other paper media. The informatization has increased the company's overall strength.
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