Taizhou Factory No.7816


This factory is an affiliate of the China National Chemical Equipment Corp, specializing in shipbuilding and sliding bearing.

It works primarily in less than 30,000-tonnage DWT ships, such as high-speed passenger liners, container ships, bulk carriers, and oil and chemical tankers. The shipyard itself covers 20,000 square meters and it has one 50,000-ton berth and four berths below 30,000 tons, covering a 35,000-square-meter area in all. It can handle repair work on eight ships below 1,000 tons at one time and can build from three to five cargo vessels below 30,000 tons.

The factory was one of China’s first manufacturers of sliding bearings so its products are of the finest quality. It can produce 15,000 sliding bearings a year and, by scale, ranks eighth in China and in market share, sixth.

Factory No 7816 was founded in 1949, in Taizhou, Zhejiang province.

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