Tianhua Institute of Chemical Machinery & Automation


Tianhua Institute of Chemical Machinery & Automation (Tianhua Institute) is a subordinate to CNCE, mainly engaged in R&D, engineering design, fabrication and application of chemical machinery, chemical engineering and equipment, materials and corrosion prevention, automatic control in production process, online analytical meters, radiation detection meters, and environmental technology and equipment.

Major products: large-scale drying units, sulfuric acid cooler with anodic protection, jacketed foam insulation and anti-corrosion pipelines, one-way double-screw mixer extruders, nonmetallic anti-corrosion materials and devices, compressor and accessories, flue gas desulfurization devices, chemical equipment cleaning projects, industrial boiler and burners, powder granulation equipments, gastube boiler and waste heat recovery devices, industrial chromatograph and sample pretreatment devices, distributed control system, analysis hut and integrated system of analysis meters.

Tianhua Institute owns 22 professional laboratories, two research centers co-founded with Sinopec, one national inspection center, one national engineering technology research center and three provincial engineering technology research centers. It holds qualifications in engineering consulting, engineering supervision, engineering design, pressure vessel design and fabrication, anti-corrosion engineering construction, in-service equipment inspections, quality inspection of chemical-dedicated meters, fabrication of metering devices and nuclear radiation meters.

Tianhua Institute is a major force in the development of China’s chemical industry and petrochemical equipment industry. It has made a great contribution to research and development as well as the domestication of key devices in the production equipment of large and medium sized ethylene and downstream products, large and medium sized synthesis ammonia and urea, and large and medium sized sulfuric acid and chlor-alkali, playing an important role in the promotion of science and technology in the above areas.

Since its inception, Tianhua Institute has made as many as 406 technology achievements, including 34 awards for the National Science Conference Awards, National Innovation Awards and National Awards for Promotion of Science & Technology, 174 provincial awards, 86 patents (including three American patents); over 80 technical items were made through these achievements. Tianhua Institute is identified as the Provincial enterprise technology center in Gansu, one of the first Creative Pioneer Enterprises in Gansu, High Technology Enterprises in Gansu, and one of the first Patent Pioneering Model Institutes in Lanzhou.

Founded in 1958, Tianhua Institute is located in Lanzhou. It now has over 1,036 employees, including 69 professor senior engineers, 182 senior engineers and 231 engineers, which account for 76 percent of the total work force.

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