Guilin Rubber Machinery


Guilin Rubber Machinery (GRM) is affiliated with the China National Chemical Equipment Corp and is one of China's main rubber equipment R&D, production and export bases. It holds a number of positions: key enterprise for the nation’s Torch Plan, a state-accredited technology center, demonstration unit for in-depth CAD applications, an experimental patent unit, and the only manufacturer with A1 design and manufacturing certificates for pressure vessels in Guangxi.

GRM's main products are tire building machines, double-plex extruding lines, multiple tread extruder interlocks, cutters, coating maching for tire rough, liner rewinding machines, horizontal cutters, steel cord belt cutters, and 90-degree steel cord cutters. It also has the 1050 to 5000 series of tire vulcanizers.

The company covers the entire range of tire production and can produce over 500 tire vulcanizers and 32,000 tons of rubber equipment annually. It also designs and manufactures tire vulcanizers in accordance with clients’ technical needs. As one part of China's National Science and Technology Cooperation Program, it manufactured a 200-inch gigantic mechanical tire vulcanizer, the largest of its kind in the world for use abroad.

GRM was founded in Guilin, Guangxi province in 1966, and its products are exported to famous international tire companies such as Bridgestone, Michelin, and Continental Tire.

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