Shijiazhuang Factory 7420

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Shijiazhuang Factory 7420 is an affiliate of the China National Chemical Equipment Corp, and integrates motor repairs, automobile and automobile part sales, and automobile part manufacturing.

The factory has special repair shops for FAW, DFAC, the Shaanxi Automobile Group Co, Ltd., China Heavy Automobile, and Liebao Automobile and is a member of the China Automotive Maintenance and Repair Trade Association. It has a good reputation as a repair shop, with 780 pieces of production equipment and can overhaul 1,600 cars and service 14,500 cars annually.

The factory has two 4S shops – the Zotye Auto and Lotus -- that fully integrate automobile sales, parts supply, after-sale service, and information feedback. It also cooperates with other enterprises and is a Level-One distributor for Zhejiang Zotye Auto, in Hebei, and provides top-quality pre-sale, during-sale, and after-sale services in a timely fashion. In addition, it has standard IT office facilities that allow for network-based management of all its business.

The factory’s punches, lathes, milling machines, grinders, and welding and other equipment give it a comprehensive ability to deal with or produce various auto parts and maintenance. The large factory also has enough room to allow for leasing as office or warehouse space and is well suited for all walks of life in and service.

The factory was set up in 1945, in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province.

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