Shenyang Automobile Axle

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This company is affiliated with the China National Chemical Equipment Corp and is one of China’s largest light-duty automobile axle manufacturers.

It produces a variety of axles, forgings, stamped parts, machined parts, and moulds for all-terrain vehicles, pick-ups, SUVs, light-duty passenger vehicles, compacts, and light-duty trucks and can produce 200,000 automobile axles in a wide range of choices annually.

The company has at least 600 major production facilities and around 30 production lines for main axle components, with over 60 high-precision numerically controlled machining centers. It also has a physical chemistry laboratory, precision test room, mechanics laboratory to guarantee the quality of its components from development to production and assembly.

It was founded in 2005, in Shenyang, Liaoning province. Its products are sold in South Africa, Spain, Brazil, the DPRK, and Mongolia.

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