Fujian Sanming Double-wheel Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.


The Fujian Sanming Double-wheel Chemical Machinery Co, Ltd (Sanming Chemical) is an affiliate of the China National Chemical Equipment Corp that deals with automatic control technology and mechanical equipment. It primarily engages in product design, R&D, manufacture, sales and service.

Sanming Chemical deals mainly with specialized equipment for the rubber and plastics industries, such as radial tire vulcanizers, high- and medium-pressure industrial pipeline valves. The company can produce 30,000 tons of non-standard pressure vessels every year, 20,000 tons of pressure vessels and metal components, 6,000 tons of medium- to high-pressure valves, and 1,000 tons of hoists.

Sanming Chemical has been recognized by Fujian province for the following: a hi-tech enterprise; a province-level demonstration unit for information processing in the manufacturing industry; an innovative province-level pilot company; and a province-level enterprise technical center. It has also been designated a rubber and plastics machinery research institute and an R&D center in Xiamen. The company holds 23 patented technologies and several of its products are part of a key national technological equipment program. The “Double-wheel” radial tire vulcanizer was developed by the company itself, which has 16 patented technologies and ranks first in China in a number of areas. It also holds the “Famous Chinese Product” and “National Inspection-free Product” titles and ranks No.9 in the world in rubber machinery production.

Sanming Chemical was founded in 1958, in Sanming, Fujian province, out of the original Fujian Sanming Chemical Machinery Factory. Its products can be found nationwide and in 28 other countries and regions, such as the United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia and Japan.

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