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The tendering center of China National Chemical Equipment Corporation has conducted tendering and procurement procedures for over 20 years. We have served more than 1,000 enterprises with tendering and equipment procurement services in regards to their infrastructure and technological transformation projects that cover hundreds of sets of equipment with various techniques and scales in 16 industry sectors of the chemical field.

China National Chemical Equipment Corporation obtained several first-class qualifications for tendering agencies prior to other Chinese companies. After rigorous reviews, it received access to the certificate for tendering agencies of central investment projects granted by the NDRC in 2007, as well as approval of the ISO9001 quality control system.

Tendering Center employs more than 50 workers, among which two thirds or more hold middle and senior professional titles, majoring in chemical process, chemical machinery, rubber machinery, electric, automation instrument and computer science, machine pump valve, law, finance, and international trade. It has nearly 3,000 suppliers covering chemical, mechanical and electrical equipment procurement in petrochemical construction projects, installation and other services. Its expert database has more than 1,000 evaluation professionals, who are mainly from the chemical industry, petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgy, light industry, water conservancy, energy, environmental protection, railways, economy, information, municipal engineering and construction related industries.

By establishing professionalism and staying profound throughout the process, the tendering center stands by the principles of openness, equity and justice. Through data analysis of the market and products in the early process, we provide clients with detailed and accurate information, so they can make the correct orientation. During the tendering process, we select the best construction companies, device and material suppliers and service companies in a strict method. Later on in the tendering process, we check the performance of tendering results that help clients settle numerous types of difficulties. The tendering center pays attention to process control. We keep all files of the tendering process ready for examination by clients or authorities.

Our business covers cargo tendering for electromechanical equipment and bulk raw materials, as well as other tendering for construction projects including project management, reconnaissance, design, supervision, construction and property insurance. 

Address: Liupukang Str. Xicheng Dist. Beijing China

P.C: 100011

Fax: +86- 010-82032509

Business contact number:
010-82032739  Tendering Team One
010-82032137  Tendering Team Two
010-82035028  Tendering Team Three
010-62367367  Project Administration Office

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