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Aeolus begins Quality Long March
Source: China National Tire&Rubber Corporation Date: 2011-12-28

The Aeolus Tire Quality Long March is beginning with the theme "Continuing to improve quality and protect customer interests" and will eventually spread it across the whole country.

September is also the nation's "Quality Month", and, to align its own quality program with "Quality Month" and to be sure of its effectiveness, Aeolus is coming up with a detailed plan for extending the effects of Quality Month out to the marketplace while starting Aeolus' Quality Long March.

The Quality Long March is actually a customer service program that works in accord with the company's "Quality, benefit, and 10 billion" policy, which is a customer-oriented principle of high-quality products and services. The Long March program will cover the top tier dealers, retailers, and end users of all Aeolus brands in China.

To get the program working properly, Aeolus will set up two quality service teams, run by company leaders and assisted by market, R&D, quality assurance and other personnel and will appoint two buses specifically for mobile services nationwide. The two service teams will work alternately until they have covered the Aeolus services all across the country.

The Tire Quality Long March will continue as a long term characteristic activity for customer services to provide sales and service support to dealers, and collect further end market information, promote brands, and boost the corporate image. (Aeolus  Xu Li)

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