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Aeolus announces new engineering tire brand
Source:China National Tire&Rubber Corporation ChemChina Date: 2012-10-08

The Aeolus Tyre Co recently announced its new “Fengli” brand of engineering tire for the middle and high-end maintenance market. The company already has two engineering tire brands – the Henan and Aeolus, but, to meet the growing needs of the maintenance market, it developed the Fengli. The new design is based on existing models, with high-strength, improved materials to improve the strength of the tires. It also uses a new tire tread formula for improved wear resistance and anti-puncturing performance. The new tread pattern design improves the tire’s anti-slide and self-cleaning performance, making them more suitable for engineering machinery that operates under difficult conditions.
The Fengli comes in four specifications: 23.5-25, 17.5-25, 14.00-24, and 13.00-24. The 23.5-25 has passed the necessary tests and is now on the market.

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