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China Rubber Science and Technology Market
Source:China National Tire&Rubber Corporation Date: 2010-08-16

China Rubber Science and Technology Market is scientific and technological magazine for the rubber industry, sponsored by the Rubber Industry’s Beijing Research & Design Institute and the China Rubber Industry Information Center, under the General Administration of Press and Publication. It gets its inspiration from the idea that science and technology are the primary productive force, and it believes that developing the Chinese rubber industry’s information sector is its mission. Its aim is to promote the commercialization and industrialization of scientific and technological developments in China’s rubber industry, to work for technical advancements in the rubber industry, to report on the latest technical progress and market trends in China’s and foreign rubber industries, and to provide information on new technologies and achievements with market prospects. It covers areas such as crude rubber, auxiliaries, framework materials, rubber industry machinery, testing, instrumentation, tires, rubber products, technologies, and the economy. It incorporates science, technology, information, and the market and is an important reference tool for those who want to discover investment trends and look for practical technology. The magazine took second prize for top Chinese petroleum and chemical industry periodicals in 2006.

China Rubber Science and Technology Market has a large circulation, broad coverage, rapid access to information, is highly pertinent and practical and is the ideal medium for rubber raw material producers, rubber machinery manufacturers, rubber products testing and instrument manufacturers and any related enterprises that want to promote products and technological achievements.

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