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Pirelli Comprehensively Upgraded Production Line of Ultra-High-Performance Tyres Firstly Launched Two Heavy-duty Models at the Asia-Pacific Market
Source:China National Tire&Rubber Corporation China National Tire & Rubber Co.,Ltd. Date: 2016-05-09

On April 19, 2016, when Pirelli F1 China Grand Prix ended, Pirelli, the sole official tyre supplier for F1, held a grand new product launch in Shanghai and upgraded its production line of ultra-high-performance tyres. In the event, Pirelli firstly launched two heavy-duty models at the Asia-Pacific market: i.e. P Zero, a flagship brand, "tailor-made" for the high-performance cars and the top-level sports cars, and Dragon Sport, a sport model, designed for the replacement market of the Asia-Pacific region, for the middle- and high-end cars.

In F1 Shanghai international circuit, Pirelli invited media from China and the Asia-Pacific region to participate in driving test of these two new models. Participants, through the driving test items like the U-shaped curve, fast slalom, wetlands and the Hot lap track driving, having experienced their outstanding performance.

In recent years, Pirelli, by virtue of its high technologies and  R&D capacity, introduces sport factors into P Zero and Dragon Sports, and has comprehensively optimized and upgraded their materials, shape, recipes, etc. The brand new P Zero is a tyre of ultra-high performance, customized according to the "tailor-made" policies and the different needs of various high-end new cars. Before it is launched, the product has got 60 original certifications for the ultra-high-end cars from the world's top automotive manufacturers. Currently, cars like Ferrari GTC4 Lusso, Lamborghini Centenario,Porsche Boxster 718 and Audi R8 Spyder, are all equipped with this model.

P Zero tyre

 Dragon Sport is developed by the Asia-Pacific R&D center of Pirelli in Yanzhou, China, to meet the increasing needs for sports performance by the intermediate cars in Asia-Pacific region. In recent years, population of young owners of the intermediate cars in the Asia-Pacific region is growing, and those young owners are keen to sports and fashion, desiring for a personalized high-end sport tyre model to enhance their vehicle's handling performance. Pirelli, holding the pulse of market, comprehensively upgrades the Dragon Sport in terms of appearance, sport performance and other aspects to give more models and car owners pure sport performance and driving experience, which demonstrates the R&D and innovation capacities of Pirelli.

Dragon Sport tyre

 Pirelli has always cooperated closely with multiple high-end and ultra-high-end car brands, providing original products covering summer tyre, winter tyre, and all-season tyre, and has got over 2,200 original certifications. At the same time, Pirelli also pays attention to the demands of regional markets, focusing on market segments, and is highly competitive in the field of exclusive high-end models.

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