Chief Human Resources Officer
Source: Date: 2011-12-29

Job description

Basic information

Position: CHO

Location: Beijing

Work environment: Mainly office, but business trips required from time to time

Salary: Negotiable


-Manage human resources for the corporation, planning, developing and allocating human resources; promote the corporation's business objectives and sustainable development.

Major work

- Be responsible for formulating and implementing strategic plans and annual work plans for human resources. 

- Improve human resources management system; study, design and formulate management models and systems.

- Improve the employee remuneration system, and draw up performance appraisals and employee training system, to develop employee enthusiasm.

- Make suggestions to corporate decision makers on human resource strategies and team building, and carry out organizational reforms.

- Design employee career plans and guide member companies in carrying out career planning for employees.

- Develop informatization of human resources and related affairs, and handle major human resources management problems.

- Complete occasional tasks assigned by company leaders.

Basic requirements

- Educational background: Master's degree or higher in human resource management or related discipline.

- Experience: 8+ years in human resource management, and 3+ years as chief human resources officer (CHO) at a large enterprise (rubber industry background preferred).

- Language: Have English reading, writing and speaking skills.

- Age: No more than 45 years of age, and in good health.

Technical requirements

- Thorough theoretical knowledge of human resources, labor, wages, social insurance, employee hiring and training; familiar with personnel, labor, and related laws and regulations.

- Familiar with human resources workflow.

- Experience in modern enterprises human resource management and have the ability to handle complicated problems in a timely, effective way.

- Strong ability in communicating with company leaders, various departments, and member companies.

Personal qualities

- Able to work in a careful, strict way and think creatively.

- Able to exercise strong judgment, decision-making, interpersonal communications, and coordination work.

- Strong affinity and enthusiasm for work and a strong sense of responsibility.

Key performance indicators

- Matching and carrying out strategic human resource plans and meeting corporate development goals in relation to the actual conditions of the company.

- Formulating and carrying out annual human resources work plans.

- Coordinating, supervising and guiding the human resources work of other companies and following the corporation's management system.

- Periodically analyzing the overall human resource conditions of the corporation, and drawing up and implementing structural optimization and improvement plans (employee team building, human resources structure, employee development, skills improvement, increased labor productivity).

- Dealing with unexpected incidents and handling complicated problems in a timely way.

Company website:

Contact person: Li Jianzheng

Contact No: 010-82677616  13911023631

E-mail: lijianzheng@rubber.chemchina.com

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