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Aeolus employees' useful proposals
Source: China National Tire&Rubber Corporation Date: 2011-08-25

To improve the efficiency of rubber reception on the internal mixer line and work conditions as well, the Aeolus Tire Manufacturing Department 1's Mixing Plant the No 2 moved the weight display of the rubber reception truck scale on the internal mixer line from the back to the front, and completely solved  the problem of the receiver having to turn around to tell the weight of the receiving rubber, and improved operating condition. This small improvement was proposed by mixing plant employees and was implemented after the branch company's evaluation.

Aeolus Tire's Manufacturing Department pays a lot of attention to improvements and set up a special continued improvement team, headed by the department manager and installed a suggestion box for the employees. It encourages front-line employees to make proposals on such areas as production costs, process quality, saving energy, consumption reduction, equipment improvement, production and operations, and environmental safety and to take part in management. It has also drawn up evaluation standards and rewards.

The emphasis has been on continued improvement, reasoned assessments, and rewards for employee suggestions and this has significantly increased employee enthusiasm for sustained improvements and for offering opinions. Front-line employees, based on their valuable understanding of the production, equipment, safety and processes, and work demands, can readily see the places that need improvement and can make proposals. One proposal on installing an opposite-type photoelectric switch between the screw sheeting mills of an internal mixer effectively put a stop to the problem of rubber extrusion. Another proposal on arranging kanban for FIFO management of the final mixed rubber and sulfur additive during the production process saved the receivers, deliverers and workers a lot of trouble in looking for rubber compound and additives and, as a result, improved work efficiency.

Yet another proposal on lowering the lighting lamps and using energy saving ones in the workshops made the workshops brighter and lower power consumption. Moreover, because the lamp was lower, the maintenance workers were safer in changing bulbs and repairing lamps. One proposal on installing a reflective photoelectric switch on an open mill for automated operation of the stirring device of the mixer significantly helped guarantee worker safety and shorten the rubber transfer device's operating duration, thereby saving electricity and increasing safety. Other proposals included: installing a temperature alarm on the water system in the bathhouse; installing emergency stop buttons on production lines; upgrading the rubber sheet cooling system; and reducing anti-adhesive agent usage on rubber sheets. Statistics show that Manufacturing Department 1 carried out more than 140 improvements based on employee proposals in the first half of 2011, and 61 pf the better ones were recommended to the company. Eight continued improvement programs based on employee's proposals won first prizes at the company level. These excellent employee's proposals have created values for Aeolus and have won honors for those who proposed them. 

The suggestions are made by front-line employees after they observe the production process and summarizing their work experience, and they reflect the employee's spirit of independent management and dedication, and are the fruit of employees' diligence and wisdom. Although they're only small reforms, they have a lasting effect on production lines and continue the improvement process. (Aeolus Du Yankai)

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