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Group leader born after 1980 found quality management potential
Source: China National Tire&Rubber Corporation Date: 2011-10-14

Zhao Dongchuan, head of Group B at the Yellowsea all-steel vulcanizing workshop

Group B at the Qingdao Yellowsea Rubber Co, Ltd's all-steel vulcanizing workshop, stayed in first place in the quality competition of three groups, from January to August of this year. The young leader, Zhao Dongchuan, who was born after 1980, strives for the best and uses himself as an example for others. He leads the members of the group in checking tire quality and holds the acceptance rate at about 99.7 percent all the time. He is a role model for the three groups and won the company's advanced group title many times.

Zhao is the youngest vulcanizing group leader and has been on the job only eight years, but he's keen to learn, and is serious and responsible. He is especially strict when it comes to product quality and, to control quality, has found developed methods to increase the service length of rubber reservoirs. When a rubber reservoir has been used 300 times, he will ask the operators to do an inspection every two molds. When a reservoir is replaced, the release agent now needs to be sprayed twice, thereby reducing the number of defects caused by reservoir rupture. To ensure the appearance and quality of tires, he asks group members to keep a sharp eye open for spot sidewall print, or chafer under-curing, mold friction plate damage, lack of outer pressure, and other tiny defects during mold opening, mold loading and vulcanizing.

To create a better atmosphere and follow the “Everybody pays attention to quality and everybody contributes to quality” philosophy, Zhao carries uses a “quality tracking program” for his group and holds pre-work quality meetings and group quality analysis meetings on Saturdays to examine the performance of every vulcanizing operator during the week. He'll track and guide employees who have a poor performance record and new employees as well and he'll spend two to three hours every day conducting inspections and making rounds to look at the operation and execution of each vulcanizing machine. He will immediately stop any rule violations and find the person responsible if he finds any problem. He instills a philosophy of “quality first” in every group member and, as a result, the group has formed good habits of “spontaneous responsibility for quality”.

To guarantee quality, Zhao leads the group in working hard and pushes quality and output together. While performing his duties as group leader, he also keeps an eye on four vulcanizing machines. He used to be a vulcanizing operator himself, so he knows very well how to assure vulcanizing quality. The first thing he does when he takes over a shift each day is to emphasize quality. He tells group members to see whether “green tires” are normal before they're put into the mold. To do this, he gives everybody an awl so they can spot and remove bubbles in green tires in time. When the molds are opened after curing, the operators have to see whether there is any scrap left in the gaps of the segmented molds to avoid any defects. During mold assembly, operators need to check for leakage of the upper and lower rings to any problem with chafer under-curing. The group also lays stress on checking to see whether green tires are properly put in the molds and whether the molds are opened on time after curing, to prevent poor wear resistance in the tires caused by over-curing.

Strict operations and process execution make Zhao's group a model in quality and helps them play an exemplary role during “quality month”. (Yellowsea Lv Xiaomei and Yu Xueqin)

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