Aeolus gets group leader long-distance training recognition
Source: China National Tire&Rubber Corporation Date: 2011-12-31

The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission's first long-distance training of group leaders of central enterprises in job management, for certification, has been underway for nine months and there will be an exam in December.

In that time period, the heads of the China National Tire & Rubber Corp's subsidiaries gave their full attention and support to the training, with the heads of human resources and the management taking responsibility for the training and supervising the trainees in online sessions and playing positive role in ensuring the training's success. To increase the trainees' enthusiasm for the effort as well as its impact, Aeolus linked the learning process with the assessment. The 102 Aeolus participants have all completed their compulsory course work, homework, and testing and have earned the praise of the company's personnel department by completing the entire course work.

A company's group leaders act as the commanders, organizers and managers of a production line and are responsible for hitting production targets. If the long-distance training of group leaders goes well, there will be continual updating of management skills and professional ability. This is an important condition for building skilled "management, benefit, innovation and harmony oriented" groups and it plays an important role in building a good foundation and increasing core competence.

All companies, particularly those that did not do well in the learning process, will need to raise their awareness of the importance of group leader training. The human resource department and management training personnel will have to take full responsibility for the trainees' learning process. In the final three months, they will have to work hard to be sure that the 240 group leaders taking part in the training pass the exam and that the long-distance training exercise does what it is supposed to do. (Wang Peng) 

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