Shenyang Rubber Research & Design Institute employee training class
Source: China National Tire&Rubber Corporation Date: 2011-12-31

To increase the competence of its employees and trade union cadres, and to improve their ability to take part in deliberations and the administration of corporate affairs and play a more active role in company improvements and expansion, the Shenyang Rubber Research & Design Institute held a training class for 38 employees and trade union cadres, September 10 to 12.

It started with a training film, "How to be a good trade union cadre", presided over by Prof Zhang Baogang of the Beijing Trade Unions Federation's Cadre College. The participants theoretically learned about the new role of trade union cadres and about methods for improving their work and fulfilling their assigned tasks.

Fang Jixian, the Shenyang Rubber Research & Design Institute's deputy party secretary and secretary of the discipline inspection commission, and the institute's president, Chang Min, reported on current work requirements for the trade union, in addition to theoretical and practical training. There were also some light-hearted activities such as, a role-changing game, talent show, intelligence tests, and karaoke.

This particular training integrated theory and practice and participants were able to consolidate their theoretical knowledge, learn more work approaches, and expand their consciousness, and also study the effect of edutainment, broaden their horizons and increase organizing skills for more favorable conditions for their future work. (Fu Xin)

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