Yellowsea emphasizes quality and training
Source: China National Tire&Rubber Corporation Date: 2011-12-31

A company's core is its quality and, to continue improving its quality management system by implementing the ISO/TS16949, the Qingdao Yellowsea Rubber Co began this year by placing "great stress on quality". On January 25 and 26, the top leaders and QC all took part in an ISO/TS16949:2009 training course.

ISO/TS16949 certification only applies to automobile factories and their component OEMs. Now however, all large Chinese and foreign vehicle manufacturers demand that suppliers have to get the certification. The Qingdao Yellowsea Rubber Co, as a tire manufacturer, has direct relations with the automobile industry and is indeed aware of the ISO/TS16949. That helps Qingdao Yellowsea Rubber Co. improve its operations and maintain stable, cooperative relations with upstream companies for mutual benefits. It pays a lot of attention to quality and to improving its finished products and teaches a "product quality relying on design not just manufacturing" philosophy to all its employees. It has informed them that the ISO/TS16949 will bring many benefits, such as, a larger market, customer satisfaction, lower costs, greater efficiency, and improved the quality of products and delivery. It has also taught them to apply TS tools to solving practical problems in training and, as a result, achieve a goal of zero defects. (Yellowsea Lv Xiaomei)

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