Zhuzhou Research & Design Institute's young employee career development
Source: China National Tire&Rubber Corporation Date: 2011-12-31

Properly raising its young employees is a matter of concern for any enterprise, so, a few days ago, the Zhuzhou Research & Design Institute's leaders in the Rubber & Plastics field met with their young grads to solicit opinions and exchange ideas.

The Institute's vice-president and deputy secretary, Xie Yinyu spoke in detail about its talent strategy, talent development methods, and the production goals for 2011, and got the young grads' opinions. Xie also encouraged them to keep on learning and increasing their professional abilities and scientific research level to adapt to the company's constantly changing development and expansion needs.

The young grads spoke enthusiastically about their work status, difficulties, and future development plans and expressed a lot of opinions on management, scientific research and production, all of which won high recognition of the leaders.

The meeting was a light-hearted, pleasant one and brought the leaders and young grads closer together, and made the grads more aware of the care the company feels for them. They promised to live up to the leaders' expectations and said they would repay the care and love the company has shown, through better performance and by being a fresh force for the Zhuzhou Research & Design Institute's development. (Zhuzhou Research & Design Institute of Rubber & Plastic Luo Xianglai)

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