Aeolus OTR Tire Branch has sound environment for young employee growth
Source: China National Tire&Rubber Corporation Date: 2011-12-31

The Aeolus OTR Tire Branch's Youth League has grown from team building and the cultivation of model workers to providing career development services for its young employees to provide a guarantee of human resources for the branch's development.

It has emphasized team building for young employees and has increased their competence and competitiveness. The Youth League gets its members to learn to be more professional and safety conscious through lectures and contests on quality standards, as well as “zero accidents starts with me” activities. These have raised their safety consciousness and their overall competence.

The branch is increasing young employees' initiative by using the technical activity center to improve their innovation and efficiency, promoting apprenticeships, and increasing their enthusiasm for the production process to contribute to company development.

Cultivating model employees, is one way to create a favorable development atmosphere and the Youth League uses many related activities such as selecting various technical or safety experts from among its young employees, who serve as learning models and increase work enthusiasm. (Lu Haigen and Yue Aimin)

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